What Does Target Pay Employees?

Does the name “Target” ring a bell?  It’s the big American corporation with a large dartboard for a logo. Or maybe you just remember leaving the store with a cartload of quality groceries. Either way, shopping at Target is an experience you  can’t forget. 

If you’re considering looking for a job at Target, then this article is just the guide you’ll need. You’ll get answers to questions like, “what does Target pay its workers?” and “is working at Target worth it?”

What does Target pay?

Salaries at Target vary based on the positions and the state where the store is located. The average salary across all Target stores is $15 to $21 per hour.

On a yearly basis, Target workers can rack up to $100,000. Here’s a short list of the average pay for Target workers, using the Payscale calculation model.

  • Inventory Analyst: $59,403/year
  • Retail Store Assistant Manager: $61,028
  • Operations Manager: $71,306
  • Software Engineer: $78,190
  • Human Resources Manager: $112,138

Is Target a great place to work?

Most Target employees testify to how great working at Target is. From the onboarding process, you are made to feel welcome. You are also taught how to deliver your service excellently. Additionally, workers are given all equipment and resources needed to do their jobs. Every member is treated equally, regardless of their status or position. 

Girl wearing red apron and doing inventory task

Opportunities are open to everyone regardless of their ethnicity, age, disability, or gender. This encourages diversity in cultures and personalities. Target also understands that its employees have families, personal lives, and ambitions and respects these by offering workers flexibility to ensure a balance between work and life. 

Employees have access to lots of local discounts, great benefits some of which include: vacations, personal days and well being time, national holidays, discount at target.com, and other Target benefits.

Target doesn’t hire strictly based on experience. Inexperienced employees are allowed to learn on the job. So if you’re in high school and looking for how to make a couple extra bucks, then Target is recommended. 

How can I get a job at target?

If you’re considering getting a job at Target, here’s the good news. With 39 distribution centers, and about 2000 stores in the United States, Target is always hiring. You can follow the following steps to find a job there: 

  • Check out the jobs at Target page. A wide variety of positions will be available for you to browse through. You can narrow your choices down with the filters on the page. You can even view job openings for other companies like Starbucks. That’s because Starbucks and Target have been partners since 1999.
    Jobs at Target page on Target website
  • You should see a list of job openings and their locations on the next page. View the requirements before you apply. Then take your time to fill out the online form. You will be asked to provide your Social Security Number (SSN), contact information, address, employment history with references, educational level, etc.
  • When you click on “Apply“, you will see a pop-up application menu. Select your method of application. You can choose to fill in your application form manually or use an existing resume on your computer. Alternatively, you can connect your LinkedIn account.
    Target job application menu
  • Follow the prompts after you make your choice to complete your application. When you’re through, wait for Target to call you. Target will contact you through the contact information you have provided.

Why are target groceries so good for You?

Target is the eighth largest American retail corporation in the United States. It was established in the year 1962 in Minneapolis, Minnesota U.S.A, and has since grown to include over 1,926 stores spread across the United States.

Target has become popular not just for its ability to create an enjoyable shopping experience. But also for the massive benefits that come with working for the company. 

The store is on my list of top grocery stores to shop at. I don’t know about you, but Target just has a way of ensuring I have the best shopping experience. Here are some of the ways they accomplish this:

1. Target has clearly marked sections

At Target all the sections are properly marked. You can easily find them, hence it reduces the time that I usually waste searching for items when I don’t know what sections of the grocery store they are kept.

2. The store makes perfect use of its space

Have you ever gone to a store where Madea’s family had a reunion? Grocery store frenzy hours make it impossible to have a good shopping experience. Imagine brushing someone to get through the store in a pandemic world. It’s uncomfortable and it makes you wonder, “Why didn’t I just order online?”

A crowd in front of Target supermarket

Target is not that kind of store. This can be seen in the way the aisles are very spacious, allowing for two to three carts to walk side-by-side in one aisle at a time. 

3. Target is organized 

Once, I went to a store and fell in love with this lovely mint colored scarf.  Sadly, I couldn’t buy it because the scarves were knotted up in a basket. At Target, organization is the keyword. Every clothing item is neatly folded for your browsing pleasure.

4. Target has variety

Target has numerous items from great names or brands to choose from. Whether it is make-up, clothing, cooking ware, or fresh produce like broccoli, you can be sure to find it at Target. 


Working at Target can be a great side hustle or the dream full-time job for you. If at this point you’re still uncertain about working with the retailer, then check out our recommended articles below on other grocery stores.  They will help to inspire your choice of which grocery store to work for.