Can I Cash a Wells Fargo Check at Walmart?

You can cash a Wells Fargo bank check at Walmart. It’s one of the few stores that take checks. The store has a Money Center where you can perform various transactions as you would in your regular bank. E.g., Apply for a credit card, pay your bills, send or receive money locally and internationally, etc.

So you can cash your Wells Fargo check at Walmart’s Money Center. This is also convenient for customers who don’t want to make the double trip of going to the bank first before going shopping. That’s stressful, especially if your bank is far from you.

Keep reading this post if you’d like to learn how to cash your Wells Fargo bank check. We’ll also tell you what types of checks you can cash at Walmart.

How can I cash my Wells Fargo check at Walmart?

To cash your Wells Fargo check, go to any Walmart store near you. If you don’t know any Walmart stores around your location, you can use the online store locator to find one. 

Walmart supercentre building and parking lot view


Store layouts change occasionally, so you might want to ask a Walmart host to direct you to the Money Center. This will save you the time spent trying to find it yourself. At the Money Center, present your ID card and your check. Shortly after, the cashier there will cash your check. 

And that’s it! You’ve just learned how to cash your Wells Fargo check. If the value indicated on your check is up to $1000, Walmart will charge you $4. If the check value ranges from $1001 to $5000, you will be charged $8. Two-Party personal checks whose values are up to $200 will attract a $6 charge.

What types of checks does Walmart cash?

You can cash the following types of checks at Walmart:

  • Payroll checks
  • Pre-Printed checks
  • Tax checks
  • MoneyGram money orders
  • Cashiers’ checks
  • Government checks
  • Insurance settlement checks
  • 401(k) retirement disbursement checks
  • Two-Party personal checks
  • Cashing limit

Check cashing limits depend on the location of the Walmart store. This is because State laws vary across the USA. But normally, Walmart stores limit you to three check cashing transactions per day. 

As for the check cashing limit, Walmart has a limit of $5000. If you need to cash more than that, Walmart increases this limit to $7500 from January to April. But if you’ve missed this window, it’s best to go to your bank. 

Walmart’s cash checking limits and charges are fair compared to Wells Fargo’s. The bank charges you $7.50 if you don’t have an account.

Key takeaway

  • You can cash a Wells Fargo check at Walmart. Check cashing at Walmart is done at the Money Center.
  • Walmart charges $4 for all checks up to $1000. Checks with a $5000 maximum value attract $8 fees.
  • The store accepts Payroll, Pre-Printed, Tax, and Cashiers’ checks, among others.
  • State laws may affect the check cashing limits and charges at Walmart.

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