Walmart return hours: When can you return items to Walmart?

Uh oh! Did you end up buying the wrong item from Walmart? Not to worry. You can return it before the store is closed.

In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know to successfully return a Walmart purchase. This includes Walmart return hours, policies, and steps to returning items.

When is Walmart return hours?

Walmart doesn’t have hours set aside for returns. If you are dissatisfied with a Walmart purchase, you can return it during the store’s normal opening hours. That is, from 7 am to 11 pm, although opening hours vary across Walmart stores. 

It’s best if you use the online store locator on the Walmart website to find the opening hours of a store near. To do that, follow these steps:

Go to Walmart’s official website and click on the Store locator link. You should see a list of Walmart stores, along with their opening hours and addresses.

Does Walmart allow returns?

Walmart has some of the fastest return processes. So if you need to return an item, you can do it immediately. If you can’t do that, it’s fine. You have 90 days, counting from the day you made the purchase, to return the item. Some Walmart items have a shorter grace period. E.g. 14 days, 30 days, 60 days, etc.

If you fail to return the item within the specified days, your purchase is no longer eligible for return. 

You can initiate returns on Walmart’s website. You can either choose to mail back or return the items yourself at the store. You’d need to provide your receipt as proof of payment. If you prefer to return it online, you’d need your Order Number and email address to confirm the purchase.

Once your purchase is confirmed, Walmart may replace the items or refund you. If you can’t find your receipt, don’t worry. We’ve written this handy guide to help you look up Walmart receipts online. 

You’ll also find alternative ways to provide a proof of purchase in case you still can’t find your receipt.

Note: Walmart has the right to decline returns, even if you provide a receipt. This could happen if the Store Manager has any reason to believe the returned item has been compromised or is a potential danger to other customers who will purchase it after you.

What is Walmart’s return policy during COVID?

Walmart return policies are the same as usual, during this pandemic period. Below are the items that must be returned within 14, 30, 60 and 90 days.

Items that can be returned within 90 days

  • Fresh produce, including meat or steaks, baked foods, deli & dairy products, frozen foods, etc. 
  • Items from Walmart’s private brands. E.g. Great Value.  
  • Car parts. E.g. tyres that haven’t been mounted or used and batteries.
  • Customized prints. E.g. photo calendars, mugs, blankets, etc.
  • Garden & home equipment.
  • Caskets & other funeral items.

Items that can be returned within 60 days

  • Prescription items. E.g. eye glasses & contacts, hearing aids, etc. 

Items that can be returned within 30 days

  • Most electronic devices, including cell phones, game consoles & other hardware, camcorders, electric scooters, audio devices, PCs & laptops, tablets & TVs, etc.

Note: Fresh produce cannot be mailed back or returned to Walmart. If you purchased bad produce from Walmart, you can apply for a refund instead.

What items cannot be returned to Walmart?

You cannot return or be refunded for the following items to Walmart, even if you have a receipt and the specified return days haven’t elapsed:

  • Firearms (guns) & ammunition (bullets, or any other material that can be fired or detonated from a weapon), pepper spray, etc.
  • Medicine (drug capsules or syrups)
  • Items containing pseudoephedrine, ephedrine, and phenylpropanolamine
  • Pregnancy & ovulation kits, sex toys, or any other home diagnostic kits.
  • Used car parts. E.g. tyres.

How to return Walmart orders

You can return Walmart orders at the store or through mail. If you purchased the item online, you can return it via mail or take it to the store yourself. However, if you bought the item from the store, you can’t return it through mail. You’d have to go to the store to return it.

To kickstart your Walmart return process, follow these steps:

Step #1: Return your item to a Walmart store

Go to the Walmart returns page. Choose your return process. If you choose the “Return an in-store purchase” option, you’d need to scan the barcode on your receipt or enter the Trade Certificate (TC) number near the barcode for verification.

Returns page on Walmart website

If you choose the “Return an online purchase” option, you’d need to provide the Order Number for the item and your email address for verification. You can find your Order Number on your receipt.

Whichever choice you make, Walmart will send you a confirmation email. When you get to the store, present the email along with your item and Walmart will begin processing the item for return.

Step #2: Return your item via mail

You’d need to create a Walmart account on the website for this step. After that, access your “Purchase history” on the app or website. You can find this menu by clicking on your account name (Website) or tapping the menu icon (app).

Walmart app menu

Select the items you want to process for return. Ensure that the items you select are from the same order. For example, if you purchased a Bluetooth speaker and a cellphone at once, select those items for return processing. If you purchased the speaker and cell phone separately or on different days, then you’d need to select the speaker first and process it for return. When you have done that, you can process the cell phone separately for return.

Once you’ve selected the items you want to return, you should see a “Return” or “Replace” option. Click on “Return” and provide a reason for the return. 

You should see another option, “Return by mail“. Click on it to generate and print your return label. 

Gather the items to be returned and place them back in their original boxes, along with their accessories. If you’ve already damaged the boxes, you might not be able to return your items. It’s best to contact the store to know your options. 

Man standing beside packed brown box on a table

When you’ve packed your items, go to any USPS or FedEx location to prepare them for return via mail. For larger items like Televisions, you can arrange for a home pickup service instead. This will help you eliminate the stress of dropping off the item at USPS or FedEx locations.

Once Walmart receives your items, you will be notified. Walmart may replace the items with new ones or refund you, depending on the options you choose during the online return process.

Key takeaways

  • There are no separate Walmart return hours. If you want to return an item to Walmart, you can visit the store during its opening hours, from 7 am to 11 pm.
  • You can return Walmart items within a minimum of 14 days and a maximum of 90 days. Before purchasing items, check the product page for information on return days.
  • You can return Walmart items via mail or visit the store yourself. Larger items can be returned via home pickup by USPS or FedEx drivers.

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