Do Walmart Employees Get a Discount?

Working at Walmart is a dream job for most people. There are many shoes to fill. You could be a greeter, a delivery driver, or a cashier.

But it’s not just about the positions. As a Walmart employee, you’re eligible for numerous perks and benefits. That includes general health insurance. This insurance covers you from vision to dental, and also accidental deaths and injuries  on the job.

More interesting is the discount on in-store and online goods. You have access to a special discount every time you shop at Walmart as a staff member.

This must sound interesting. If you’re considering getting a grocery store job, or you’re a newbie at Walmart, here’s a detailed guide on Walmart employee discounts. You’ll learn about the conditions for eligibility and items the discount covers.

Do Walmart employees get discounts?

Walmart employee discounts exist. As a staff member, you are eligible for a 10% discount. This discount covers all regularly priced and general merchandise, including fresh produce. E.g. beef, tomatoes, broccoli, peppers, potatoes, etc. You are also eligible for exclusive discounts on the following services:

  • Entertainment

  • Travel

  • Cell phone services

The items that you can’t get discounts on include:

  • Sales or clearance items clearance

  • Eye exams in clinics

  • Items bought using a tax-exemption ID number

  • Gasoline

  • Items purchased for charity events

  • Shopping or gift cards

  • Digital downloads

  • Shipping fees or charges

  • Alcohol, tobacco or cigarettes

Although there are lots of exemptions to what you can purchase with your discount perk, there’s a brighter side. If you work during holidays like Thanksgiving, Walmart will give you an extra 15% discount.

Children's toys aisle at Walmart with discount signs

While this information sounds enticing, Walmart employee discounts come at a cost. To qualify for discounts, you’ll need to have worked for Walmart for a period of time.

How long do you have to work at Walmart to get a discount?

You need to work for Walmart for 90 days. After then, you become eligible for Walmart employee discounts. On the 91st day, Walmart will issue you a Walmart Associate Discount card. This will serve as your ticket to getting discounts every time you present it at the checkout counter or order items online.

The Discount card applies not only to you, but also your spouse or partner. You don’t need to apply for it. Once you become an employee, Walmart will automatically start processing your details and generate your card for you.

Your Walmart discount card is also accepted at any Walmart outlet except Sam’s Club. Although the Wholesale store is a subsidiary of Walmart, you can’t buy items from there at reduced prices.

Also, you’d still need to purchase a membership plan to shop at Sam’s Club. But the good news is that you can purchase membership plans at discounted prices.

If you work at Sam’s Club and not Walmart, you become eligible for a free Sam’s Club membership worth $100.

Is Walmart discount card for lifetime?

The regular Walmart Associate Discount card doesn’t cover a lifetime. There is a separate card for that. Sadly, it’s one you can’t live to use.

It’s called the Long-term Service Associate Discount card. This card is issued to your living spouse after your death. Your spouse can hold on to it for a lifetime.

To qualify for the Long-term discount card, you’ll need to be at least 55 years old. Also, you must’ve worked for Walmart for 15 years.

Now you know all about Walmart employee discounts. Need recommendations on what to use your discount card for, this Thanksgiving? Check out our grocery guides below: