Does Walmart charge for debit card cashback?

Debit card cashback is a more convenient service than your ATM. It allows you to request money from grocery stores during checkout. The cashier will enter the amount you request into the card reader along with the total amount for your purchase. They will debit your account, then give you the value in cash. 

Cashback at Walmart is free, and you shouldn’t expect any extra charges to your account. Other grocery stores and supermarkets like CVS and Target are also offering cashback services. That said, Walmart cashback comes with one condition, which we discuss further into this post.

How does Walmart cashback work?

To get a debit card cashback at Walmart you need to go to the checkout stations and request it. The cashiers usually add the requested amount to your total purchase when you buy something, and then charge your account using your card. 

Once the payment is successful, your cashier will hand you the requested amount in cash. If you’re using a self-checkout machine, it would dispense the cash for you. Walmart gives cashback in denominations of $20, with a limit of $100 for debit cards. You can get cashback in $20, $40, $60, $80, and $100. The limit for checks is $20, and you can’t get cashback for checks using Walmart’s self-checkout machines.

When you reach the $100 limit, you can’t get cashback beyond that amount because the USA has discontinued larger bills. You may have to shop and request cashback again. You can get cashback up to three times in a day.

Do you have to buy something to get debit card cashback at Walmart?

For a long time now, customers have had to make a purchase before they can become eligible to get debit card cashback during checkout. Even though a new initiative is in place to make sure you never have to buy something to get cashback, not many grocery stores are onboard with it. 

Few customers are aware of the initiative, and those that know about it see it as a security risk. At Walmart you need to buy something before you can get cashback from the store.  Usually, it is during payment for purchases that the card reader and self-checkout machines display a prompt. You will be asked if you want to get cashback, and the cashier will select ‘yes’ for you.

However, store policies vary across locations. It’d be best if you contact a Walmart store near you to confirm if you have to make a purchase to get a debit card cashback. The good news is that you don’t have to break the bank. You can buy anything. We have a grocery directory that helps you find anything you need in a grocery store if you need ideas.

What is the difference between debit card cashback and the cashback rewards program?

There are two types of cashback services grocery stores offer, and they’re often confused as one. The first cashback is the one you’ve read about in this post so far. It refers to when you need money, but don’t want to go to an ATM. ATM machines will charge a withdrawal fee to your account, but when you request cashback from a grocery store cashier, it’s free. You use checks or debit cards to get this type of cashback, and a credit card to get the second cashback.

The second cashback refers to a rewards program where you earn an extra dollar instead of special points whenever you make purchases. Most grocery stores specify the level you need to reach or conditions before you can earn this type of cashback. 

Walmart credit card cashback info page (Source:

Additionally, cashiers don’t always have to give you your reward in cash. They may also deposit it electronically into your bank account. Grocery stores typically give cashback rewards ranging from 1% to 5%. Walmart gives up to 5% cashback when you link your Capital One Walmart Rewards Card with Walmart Pay and make purchases. 


By now, you should know how Walmart’s debit card cashback service works, and the difference between it and the cashback rewards program. While it’s a good way to evade ATMs, it’s not exactly free considering you still have to spend money to use it. Frankly, you can’t really get free cash withdrawal services at Walmart. Even for cashing checks, Walmart still charges you from $4 to $8. But it’s a fair price compared to banks like Wells Fargo that charge you $7.50 when you don’t have an account with them. At the end of the day, it’s up to you to pick your poison.