Top 6 Food Delivery Apps That Accept Cash Near Me

Online ordering systems have revolutionized modern times. You can now order for almost anything with a few taps on your smartphone screen.

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Even more interesting, you can order food online and skip the stress of preparing a meal from scratch. This process is useful when you’re excruciatingly hungry and tired.

There are tons of food delivery apps that accept cash worldwide. But certainly, you can’t sort through them all in a day.

So to narrow down your choices, we’ve highlighted our top 6 picks of food delivery apps that accept cash just for you.

Top 6 food delivery apps that accept cash (Android & iOS platforms)

1. Uber Eats

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We can’t talk about food delivery apps that accept cash without mentioning Uber Eats. The ingenious app is quite the reputable one. It serves all your food delivery needs, and even offers taxi ride services.

The app utilizes your location details in order to whip up the best selections of cafes and restaurants near you that you can order food from. 

It doesn’t just stop there as you can also view hot food spots in different cities and the best rated places to eat at.

The app keeps users in the loop about vital information, such as their estimated delivery time and the total fees for their order.

You can choose to pay for your food with a credit card or cash. Besides that, the app is free to use and doesn’t come with hidden charges.

2. Postmates

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Postmates is a food delivery and takeout app that covers all restaurants, grocery stores, and even alcohol orders.

If you read our previous article on why grocery stores don’t sell liquor, you’d understand the difficulty in purchasing alcohol from stores.

No matter how selective you are, Postmates scours over 10,000 grocery stores and cafes to suit your tastes. 

One helpful feature the app has is it’s $10 monthly subscription fee. Although the app is free to use, you’d need to pay delivery fees for each order you place.

But the subscription fee qualifies you for free shipping on all orders you make within a month.

It’s suitable for people who like to shop a lot. If you’re not in this category of people, then it’s a waste and you should totally avoid it.

3. goPuff

GoPuff food delivery service
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If you have a sweet tooth, then goPuff is perfect for you.

From drinks and snacks, to ice cream, there’s no limit to what you can order and have delivered to your front door.

But that’s not all. You can also order for electrical appliances and even alcohol, all at a shipping fee of $2. It’s the cheapest pricing compared to the other apps on this list.

The app also offers search controls for finding items by their names, as well as their parent company. You’ll even get to see the ratings for each item so you know which ones to avoid.

goPuff is free to use and available for both Android and iOS users.

4. Instacart

Instacart grocery delivery service
Photo credit: @instacart on Instagram

If you’re sensitive about late deliveries, then you should try Instacart.

Instacart does same-day deliveries for any grocery items you order. You can even choose to pick up the items yourself, once your personal shopper has assembled the items on your shopping list.

Though the app itself is free to use, there’s a $6 delivery charge on each order you place. But there’s a yearly subscription fee of $150 that covers all your delivery costs for the entire year.

If you’re cautious of divulging your location details to the internet world, you don’t have to turn on your location settings.

Instacart accepts the use of Zip Codes, so you’re not forced to disclose your whereabouts.

The app also provides a seamless interface that lets you chat directly with your personal shopper to customize your list to your preferences.

That way you can make alterations and substitute items for each other for the beds experience.

You can also order alcohol with Instacart, however Instacart doesn’t deliver cigarettes

5. DoorDash

DoorDash food delivery service
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DoorDash is one food delivery app that not only accepts cash, but also Apple Pay.

It’s one of the largest food delivery networks in the USA, and covers breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

You can also order alcohol directly from their breweries. The delivery fee starts at $3, but occasionally, you’re going to bump into sweet discount deals that’ll knock off a few dollars off your charges.

Alternatively, you can just subscribe for DoorDash’s delivery plan, which costs $10 a month and covers your delivery costs for a month.

Delivery time takes about 30 to 40 minutes, since the app always finds the closest restaurants to you. 

6. GrubHub

GrubHub food delivery service
Photo credit: @grubhub on Instagram

Serving over 1000 cities with scores of food variations from more than 50,000 restaurants, it’s no surprise why GrubHub’s on our hot list.

You can order for your favorite meal with minimal charges and delivery fees, and have them arrive just in time when you need them.

GrubHub’s delivery fees aren’t set in stone like the rest of the apps as the prices vary with restaurants.

But for certain, the service has a 24/7 customer care team available. So you can always make complaints at any time of the day, if you have issues with your orders.

As for its seamless interface, DoorDash lets you filter through restaurants based on their working hours, customer ratings, coupons, discounts, and other factors.

To make future searches easier, you can save your search settings and history.

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