Is Sprouts better than Whole Foods?

Whole Foods Market is a large American USDA Certified Organic supermarket chain. Its headquarters are in Texas, and it’s one of the leading stores that sell natural and organic products. 

Whole Foods Market grocery food items

Sprouts Farmers Market is also another brilliant source of organic food. Though they may seem similar, Sprouts and Whole Foods aren’t owned by the same company.

Sprouts is a supermarket chain headquartered in Arizona, USA. It sells wide selections of natural, fresh and bulk foods.

Sprouts Farmers Market

Both stores are impressive in terms of pricing and service delivery. But we’ve drawn up a short Sprouts and Whole Foods comparison to determine which store is better.

Is Sprouts better than Whole Foods?

Before we leap to conclusions, here are our various assessments of Sprouts and Whole Foods based on the following categories:

  • Pricing
  • Which store has more organic foods
  • Which store has the best meat collection


Sprouts isn’t better than Whole Foods. Whole Foods is just expensive.

Perhaps, that’s why some people run to Sprouts hoping they’d get cheaper price offers.

But it’s the opposite. In fact, since Amazon acquired Whole Foods, prices of natural foods have dropped significantly.

Whole Foods New lower price sign

So Whole Foods is actually cheaper to shop.

And it’s no secret how Sprouts uses one of the dirty tricks supermarkets use to make you spend more money.

Usually, they line up the cheap products closer to the entrance of their stores. But when you dig in further, you’d discover that those items become rarer to find.

Organic and natural foods

Whole Foods has more organic and natural foods than Sprouts, and has zero tolerance for harmful preservatives and food coloring.Whole Foods Market standards

Though Sprouts claims to house non-artificial food items, they sell many products packed with preservatives, coloring and enhancers.

Their food items are only 90% organic, and sometimes, you can detect the artificial colorings on the food items, if you look closely.

Best meat to buy

If you’ve read our article on which grocery store has the best steaks to buy, the name “Whole Foods Market” shouldn’t be a stranger.

Whole Foods Market meat

Every meat available at Whole Foods, that includes chicken, lamb, pork, goat or even turkey, has met the Animal Welfare Standards.

They don’t allow meat packed with antibiotics or growth hormones into the stores for sale.

Sprouts and Whole Foods comparison: Our verdict

Sprouts and Whole Foods are both remarkable supermarkets. 

Though Sprouts is holding its own against Whole Foods, Whole Foods Market still has indisputably higher standards and transparency when it comes to food management.

Smiling woman with shopping cart in front of Whole Foods Market entrance

In our final judgment, Whole Foods Market wins this battle.


Why is Whole Foods so expensive?

Whole Foods Market is about 20% more expensive than other supermarkets because of the high quality of their products.

Also, Whole Foods has top notch customer service, coupled with an extensive knowledge base about the products they sell.

So you can always ask them about any food item. That’s why they’re so expensive.

Is Trader Joe’s better than Whole Foods?

In terms of variety, Whole Foods Market is better than Trader Joe’s. It has a wider selection of food brands.

Trader Joe’s mostly sells its own made products, along with a few other different brands.

But in terms of cleanliness, Trader Joe’s is the healthiest store to buy food items from.

With regards to pricing, Trader Joe’s is cheaper to shop at than Whole Foods Market.

Is Sprouts or Trader Joe’s cheaper?

Trader Joe’s is cheaper to shop at than Sprouts, even though Sprouts has some occasionally mouthwatering price offers.

Also, Trader Joe’s has higher quality products than Sprouts.

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