What Are the Different Sections of a Grocery Store & Common Aisles?

The setting of a grocery store was created to organize the store into sections to allow customers to easily find products. 

However, most people don’t know that the store is set up to drives sales and improve the customer’s shopping experience at the same time.

A grocery store has many aisles, and you could get lost in the different sections even with End caps sticking out.

It’s better to know the sections off the top of your head and familiarize yourself with the arrangement. You want to go straight to the part of a store and pick the product you are looking for and get out as fast as possible. 

Sections of a Grocery Store – Breakdown


A lot of stores have a sizeable space in the front often referred to as the Landing zone. It slows customers down and gradually sets the person into the shopping mindset. Nothing is distracting except for a billboard or merchandising display.  

The setup introduces a conducive environment for shoppers to feel more at ease than make it a mission to simply grab an item and get out. Some stores even go a step further to install deli, or coffee shop with tables. 

Produce Department 

After you get past the entrance the produce department is right in front of you. In this department, you will find vegetables and fruits stashed on different stands and boxes.  

In front of the store also known as the front end, you will find the cash register. The customer service desk is usually set up closely 

Center Area 

If you move past the produce department, the aisle will lead you to the center of the store. It’s the largest part of the store where you will find the majority of shoppers searching for products on the shelves. 

Examples of products here are; 

  • baking
  • cereal
  • dry goods
  • cleaning products
  • paper products
  • canned goods
  • frozen foods

Most prank videos happen at this point – I digress. 

Beer & Wine Section 

wine and beer section

The beer and wine section is not a staple product in many stores. This largely owes to the fact that liquor is not allowed in some grocery stores – I’ve written a post about the topic. 

Stores that have the beer and wine section will have a large aisle dedicated to beer in transparent refrigerators. Most of the wine and champagne sit on the shelves. 

Meat Department 

Also known as the butcher, in the meat department, you will find different types of meat put into different cold storage from pork, chicken, beef, etc.  

Some large stores have a meat department, with a counter for customers that want fresh meat diced or cut to steaks. 

Seafood Department 

The seafood is also not far off the meat department, they are usually shoulder close. Here you will find fish, shrimp, and fish of all kinds. 

Health and Beauty Department 

In the health and beauty department, you basically will find health items like toothpaste, mouth wash, vitamins, and toothbrush. Beauty items like shampoo, skincare, deodorant, hair care, shaving, and hygiene products are also in the department. 

Perimeter Department 

The perimeter is at the fringes of the store or lined up around the walls of the store. These are mostly on the sides and at the back of the store. 

You will find dairy products are kept here away from the front. 


For a savvy reason that has worked like magic over many decades. Many shoppers will only come to the store for dairy products and once they pick them up they are jet off. 

Grocery stores have devised a way to put milk and other dairy products like cheese, yogurt, sour cream, butter at the fringes of the store. 

Customers will have to walk across the store and on the aisles leading to the department, they might stop and pick up a few things. Voila! That’s how it works, it’s a psychological trick that works on the mind without you being aware.

As I’ve said earlier, the setup of the store is to make you buy and spend as much time shopping. 

There are likely seafood department, bakery, deli, or meat just close to where dairy products are found. 

Deli/Bread Department 

This my favorite part of the store and for many others as well. Yes, you guessed right, I’m a foodie. 

The deli (delicatessen) sells already cooked meals. It’s located close to the door or the bakery area. They have a show glass with a variety of meals that could be packaged for buyers, and some tables and chairs are set by the side if you want to eat there. 

The bread department in some stores is the same as the Deli area. You can get different types of baked delicacies from hot dog nuns, breakfast breaks, dinner rolls, bagels, etc. 

Most stores that incorporate Deli or bakery department vent the smell across the store to flirt with your taste buds. Remember that every setup is meant to make you spend more time picking up products off the shelves and carting them to the cashier. 

Front End 

The front end is the confluence of the store. No matter how you wander off and fill your cart, all the aisles leading to the front end. 

Some big stores like Walmart and Kroger Co have ATMs on the premises and it’s usually found in the front end. A recent study has found out that more than 50percent are more likely to spend inside the store with an ATM. 

You will find the cashier, customer service, and the manager’s office. The cashier has to ensure customers find what they are looking for. So if you don’t know where to find a product, it’s the work of the cashier to direct you to where you can find it. They also help bag groceries and disburse change to customers. 


You should remember that grocery store sections are like the matrix. They have been designed by analyzing patterns of customer behaviors to ensure that you spend as much time as possible. 

Even the baskets and carts dropped on aisles are tricks to make you add more products into the cart. While it is a service that helps buyers easily pack their products, the main intention is for monetary gain. 

The sections of a grocery store will help you understand the aisles and where you can find items with relative ease. You must make a list so that you don’t get sucked in the loop of picking more than you need. 

The grocery is a place to get all your needs in a single location. Be careful not to stay too long there, your purse might suffer. With that said, Enjoy your shopping experience. 

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