Does Wegmans charge for curbside pickup?

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Wegmans will not charge you for curbside pickup. However, products on the store’s website cost more than those you’d buy in-store. But there’s a good reason for the price hike. Wegmans uses personal shoppers to fulfill customer orders. So the store will use the extra costs on online products to pay the shoppers. To learn … Read more

Does Target charge for curbside pickup?

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Target’s curbside pickup service is called ‘Drive Up’ — and it’s free. The contactless delivery system allows you to shop without entering a store building. You can avoid the noise and rush of grocery shopping, and also prevent impulse buying. If you want to know how Target’s Drive Up service works, keep reading.  What is … Read more

Does Aldi charge for curbside pickup?

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Aldi charges you for every curbside pickup order. The purpose of the cost is to pay the curbside shoppers responsible for fulfilling your order. Also, Aldi will charge you for bags used to package your items. Depending on which bags the shoppers use, you could pay up to $6.99. Unfortunately, you can’t bring your own … Read more

Does Costco Have Curbside Pickup?

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Since January of this year, Costco curbside pickup has been undergoing testing. Though the store hasn’t officially announced the launch of the pickup service, the official website indicates that shoppers can choose it as an option. It’s unclear how long the service will stay in operation as rumors are already surfacing that Costco may discontinue … Read more

How Does Aldi Pickup Work?

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Curbside pickup is growing in popularity. Most of our favorite grocery stores are already hopping on it. These pandemic-ridden times have called for the opportunity to provide safer shopping options for customers.  Instead of going into an overcrowded grocery store where your health will be compromised, you can park outside. In seconds, your groceries will … Read more

How Does Walmart Pickup Work?

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Walmart continues to make grocery shopping convenient for its customers. From the self-checkout stations to the curbside pickup, the stress of restocking your shelves has been halved. The pandemic times are now dominated by home deliveries. Shoppers no longer have to be at a store to buy food or anything else. But does that mean … Read more

What Happens if I Don’t Pickup My Walmart Order?

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What happens if I don’t pick up my Walmart order? You have 7 days to pick up your order from Walmart from the time of purchase. So if you missed your Walmart pickup, there’s still hope. But the clock’s ticking! Find out what happens if you also miss the 7 days grace period for Walmart … Read more

How to Run a Successful Grocery Store

Running a grocery store begins with putting customers first. 73% of customers agree that their experience at a store influences their buying decision. Some are willing to spend more money if it means being offered quality service. That said, a happy customer leads to a sales increase. But it doesn’t end at customer satisfaction. Other factors you … Read more

Where to find Cornstarch in grocery store

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Cornstarch, often mistaken for cornflour, is a white powder that comes from grinding only the endosperm of a corn. This part of the corn doesn’t have fiber, protein, or fat, and is mostly starchy. Meanwhile, cornflour comes from grinding the entire corn kernel and contains fiber, protein, and even starch.  Cornstarch is usually white, while … Read more

Where to find Apple Cider in grocery stores

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Apple cider is raw juice that comes from crushed apples. The beverage is non-alcoholic, naturally sweet, and unfiltered, which means it still carries pulp from the mashed apples. This factor makes apple cider different from the juice. Apple juice is just cider that’s filtered. However, most store-bought apple juices are sweetened with sugar, and pasteurized … Read more