Can You Buy Safeway Stock?: All You Need to Know

You can’t buy Safeway stocks because it’s owned by a private equity company, Cerberus Capital Management. In 2015, the company bought Safeway for $8 Billion and merged it with Albertsons. Safeway stocks were then removed from the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). The store has remained private ever since.

However, there’s a loophole for investors interested in Safeway stocks. Albertsons, Safeway’s parent company, went public in 2020. So you can invest in Safeway stocks through Albertsons. You’ll learn more about that and other grocery stores that sell their stocks as you read on.

Is Safeway a publicly-traded company?

Safeway is not a publicly-traded company. But its parent company, Albertsons, is. Albertsons owns all Safeway stocks and investments, so you can invest in them through the parent company. Another possible way you can get access to Safeway stocks is by becoming an employee.

As of 2011, Safeway allowed its employees to own stocks shortly after the hiring stage. Whether the company is continuing this tradition is currently unknown to us. 

Here’s how to buy Albertsons stocks in five simple steps:

  • Choose a good stock trading platformeToro and TD Ameritrade are ideal for beginners because of their user-friendliness. Professional traders should go for Interactive Brokers
  • Create an account on the stock trading platform. You’ll need a valid ID, your bank details, and your National Insurance Number for this step.
  • Verify your account by funding it. You can do that by performing a bank transfer from your device or paying with your credit/debit card.
  • Search for Albertsons stock code on the platform. For example, it’s listed as ACI on the New York Stock Exchange platform (NYSE).
  • Finally, buy your stocks.

Other grocery stores you can buy stocks from

Amazon Fresh/Amazon

You can’t buy Amazon Fresh stocks directly since the store operates under Amazon. So like Safeway and Albertsons, you’ll need to invest in Amazon since it owns Amazon Fresh stocks. 

Amazon stocks are on the high-end side, so we don’t recommend it for investors on a tight budget. A single share at Amazon costs around $3,000 (as of March 2022). You can purchase the stocks directly through Computershare. On the NYSE, Amazon stocks are listed as AMZN.


Walmart is listed as WMT on the NYSE. The store’s stock transfer agent is Computershare, so you can purchase stocks directly from them. Click here to learn how to buy Walmart stocks.


Kroger is listed as KR on the NYSE. Kroger’s website also has a Stock Chart. You can view it to stay updated on stock prices and timelines. You can also contact the store’s Investor Relations department to make inquiries.

Sprouts Farmers Market

Sprouts is a publicly-traded retailer, so you can buy its stocks. They’re listed as SFM on the NASDAQ Global Select Market. A single share costs around $30 (as of March, 2022).

We hope you find this post helpful!

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