Safeway Senior Discount and Discount Day

Discounts are lifesavers for students and seniors. Having to buy groceries and save at the same time while being unemployed can be tough. This is why stores like Safeway put these factors into consideration and offer cost-cutting solutions.

In this post, you’ll learn about the Safeway senior discount day and how to use it to your advantage as a retiree. 

When is Safeway senior discount day?

The Safeway senior discount day is every first Wednesday of the month for shoppers in the United States. For Canadian shoppers, the discount day is the first Tuesday of every month

However, Safeway did not release an official policy for senior discount days. So the store can decide to, and has the right to, change the dates at any time. Since the dates may vary across locations, it’s best to contact the store to verify the date so you don’t miss out on discounts. 

Other ways you can tell if the Senior day discount is on or close by is to lookout for store fliers. Whenever you’re on a shopping trip at Safeway, be sure to look around for fliers or sign boards hanging around. Usually, Safeway advertises discounts this way. 

The fliers should tell you the date of the discount event and if that particular Safeway store is participating. Not all Safeway stores give senior discounts.

Can I access Safeway senior discounts online?

Unfortunately, Safeway senior discounts can’t be used online. So if you plan to buy groceries from the comfort of your couch, it’s not possible. You’d have to go to the physical stores. 

One reason for this is that the minimum age requirement for accessing Safeway senior discounts is 55 (which may also vary across locations). The store might ask you for an ID to verify your age and see you in person.

The best way to bypass this restriction is to wait for the weekly discount fliers to pop up on the app or website. You can use those to shop online instead.

What discounts do you get at Safeway?

The Safeway senior discount day offers 10% reduction on most products. Besides that, seniors can also sign up for the Safeway for U/Just for U program. This program allows you to earn points when you purchase items from the store.

A yellow post-it note with "10%coff" written on it

Subsequently, you can use your points to knock off a few cents or dollars off grocery items and get pharmacy and gas discounts. Occasionally,  the store offers discounts for regular customers, so seniors can also partake in it. 

You can also use coupons to save money at Safeway. They are accessible via the store’s mobile app or on the website, and you can use them to shop online. They appear as weekly flyers and you can print them online and use them at the physical stores as well.


Safeway, along with its parent company, Albertsons, offer 10% discounts on the senior discount day. Other subsidiaries of Albertsons like Vons Carrs-Safeway, Randalls, Acme Markets and Haggen give the same discounts.

As for stores outside the Albertsons family, you can get Senior discounts at ShopRite, Bulk Barn, M&M Meats, Giant Tiger and Nature’s Fare. 

We hope you find this post helpful!

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