Does Safeway do Money Orders?

Safeway offers money orders at most of its stores. The store has a contract with Western Union so that customers can buy their money orders and perform other transactions at the customer service desks in Safeway stores. However, some Safeway stores may offer only a fraction of Western Union services. So it’s best if you phone the store before going there to get information.

You can use the Safeway store locator to find a branch near you. You will also find the contact information and the store’s opening and closing hours within your location there. Keep reading this post to learn more about Safeway money orders.

Can I get a money order with a debit card at Safeway?

You can get a money order at Safeway with a debit card, although not many Safeway stores accept it. As for credit cards, they’re not accepted. Most stores reject them because they attract higher interest rates for customers than debit cards. So the only other accepted payment method for money orders at Safeway is cash. 

Hand holding up five 100 dollar bills

Also, Safeway doesn’t cash money orders. So even though you can buy the money orders there, you can’t cash a money order you’ve received at Safeway. You would have to find some other place to do that. 

Fortunately, the store cashes checks, so you might want to consider that as an alternative to Safeway money orders. However, store policies may vary across locations. Ensure to call the store to find out their Safeway money order policies before going in-store. 

How much does a money order cost at Safeway?

Safeway charges $0.59 for money orders. Some stores may charge you $1. E.g., Safeway stores in Colorado, Maryland, and Virginia. The limit for Safeway money orders is $500. So if you need more than that amount, you’d have to purchase multiple money orders. 

For example, if you need a money order for $1000, you’d have to buy two separate money orders of $500 value each. That means you’d pay the service fee ($0.59) twice, which would be $1.18. Considering that the costs are low, it’s worth buying multiple money orders from Safeway.

If you lose your money order after purchasing it at Safeway, don’t panic. The store will give you a refund. Unfortunately, it comes with a cost. You should expect to pay a $15 processing fee if you still have the receipt for the transaction. If you don’t, then you’d have to pay $30.

Where can I cash Safeway money orders?

Since Safeway doesn’t cash money orders currently, you can check other banks, grocery stores and supermarkets. Here’s a short list of places you can cash your Safeway money orders:

  • Walmart
  • Citibank
  • Money Mart
  • Speedy Cash
  • Winco
  • TD Bank
  • Los Altos Ranch Market
  • Ralphs
  • USPS

Key takeaway

  • Safeway offers money orders. You can get them from the Customer service desk in most Safeway stores.
  • Safeway money orders cost $0.59. Some stores may charge you $1.
  • Safeway doesn’t cash money orders. Customers should seek alternative stores like Walmart.
  • Safeway charges $15 to process money order refunds if you have your receipt. If you don’t have a receipt, you’d have to pay $30.

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