Safeway Gas Discount, Reward Points & Other FAQs

Supercenters and supermarkets like Walmart and Safeway are going beyond fresh produce and toiletries. You can also buy gas and liquor at their separate exterior buildings. Safeway even has a reward system in place to ensure that customers have the best experiences when buying gas. 

Now for every dollar you spend, you accumulate points that’ll  help you save money on your next gas purchase trip. Keep reading this post to learn how that works. 

Does Safeway give gas rewards?

Safeway doesn’t give you discounts just like that. You have to earn it by spending your money in the Gas rewards program. How this works is simple.

You’d have to be a member of the Safeway for U membership program. It allows customers to accumulate shopping points and earn rewards using their Safeway Club cards. They can use those points on grocery shopping and other expenses like gas and pharmaceutical services. 

Once you have your Club card, all you need to do is swipe or present it to the cashier at the checkout station and you’ll start earning points for every dollar you spend. To spend those points on gas, you’ll need to enter your Safeway card number into the fuel pumping machine at the gas station or swipe your card.

How much discount does Safeway give on gas?

For every one dollar you spend on groceries, you earn one point. For every $1 you spend on gift cards, you will get two points. When you accumulate 100 points, you can apply them to your gas purchase and get a discount.

Safeway will remove $0.10 off each gallon you purchase. When you redeem your rewards, you can get up to a $0.20 discount on gas purchased from Chevron and Texaco fueling stations. If you purchase gas from participating Safeway stores, you’ll get $1 off each gallon.

However, there’s a limit to how many times you can enjoy these discounts. Safeway limits them to 25 gallons for one vehicle per transaction. Also, these points expire, so it’s best to use them up quickly before they do. 

For example, if you earn gas points today in May, they will expire at the end of June. Here’s a visual breakdown of how Safeway’s gas reward system works:

  • 100 points: 10¢ discount per gallon
  • 200 points: 20¢ discount per gallon
  • 1000 points: $1 discount per gallon

How to check Safeway reward points

You can check your Safeway gas reward points using the official Safeway for U app or the website. In this section, we’ll show you how to do it using the website.

First, go to the official Safeway website and login to your account. Then tap the profile icon and select “Rewards“.

You should see a page containing information on your points and your progress.

My Safeway Rewards page

Is there a way to speed up Safeway gas points?

Unfortunately, there’s no cheat code or hack to help you gain points faster. Even if there is, we wouldn’t recommend it to prevent your account from getting banned. While we don’t know of any cases where this may have happened, it’s best to be on the safe side.

Although, there is something you could try. You can open a Safeway Fast Forward account. This way, Safeway will link your bank account with your Club card. So you don’t have to always present your Club card first to earn points before paying with your credit or debit card.

Instead, you can checkout with just your phone number and your unique PIN. The best part is that you’d earn 2X points for items that normally attract just one point. But besides groceries and gas, there’s not much else you can spend your reward points on. 

For example, you can’t spend them on liquor or cigarettes, US postage stamps, bus passes, lottery tickets, money orders, Safeway coupons, select gift cards, and more.


So there you have it! Safeway offers gas discounts based on a points and rewards system. You can redeem your rewards at any Safeway fueling station, or even Albertsons since it’s Safeway’s parent company. 

Other fueling stations you can redeem your points at include Vons, Randalls, Tom Thumb, and Carrs/Safeway since they’re also subsidiaries of Albertsons. Other participating fueling stations include Chevron and Texaco.

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