Where to Find Agar Powder in the Grocery Store

Gelatin is one of the 37 things to avoid as a vegan. Why? Well, prepare yourself for this next horrifying part. It contains crushed animal body parts. Gross, right? Automatically, this fact cancels gelatin from being a vegan food item. However, there’s an alternative you should consider, which is agar powder. What is agar powder? … Read more

Where to Find Nutritional Yeast in the Grocery Store

Where to buy nutritional yeast

You’ve heard of yeast and how it plays an important role in food, from the bread we eat to the beer we drink. It’s especially a great raising agent for dough. Now, picture yeast without the leavening factor and you’ve got Nutritional yeast. It’s a fat, sugar, dairy and gluten free version of your regular … Read more

Where to Find Sun Dried Tomatoes in the Grocery Store

Where to find sun dried tomatoes in the grocery store

Nobody likes watching fresh food go bad before their eyes. If you’re a constant victim of this, you should consider preserving food by drying. But before that, you can purchase pre-dried food items from a grocery store. They’re basically your regular tomatoes, but with a plot twist. The bulk of the squeezing and drying out … Read more

Where to Find Cannoli Shells in the Grocery Store

Where to find Cannoli shells in the grocery store

Oh, sweet Cannoli! We’re back to finding groceries again! And this time, it’s crusty pastries for us. Cannoli is a popular dessert made out of flour, cocoa, coffee, sugar, and butter. This mixture is hardened by frying into a crispy outer shell in the shape of a tube, and then stuffed with ricotta cheese fillings. … Read more