10 Tips for working in a grocery store as a beginner 

grocery store tips for beginners

Every time I get asked what it feels like working in a grocery store I’d say “beautiful struggle” Having worked in a grocery store for the better half of my college years, I can tell you it could be a hard yet rewarding experience.  During the period I’ve worked there here’s a hard fact you’d … Read more

Where to find Apple Cider in the Grocery Store 

where to find apple cider in the grocery store

Want to know where Apple cider is kept in the grocery store. Keep reading  Without wasting much of your time – The first spot to look for is around the fruits and veggies section.  You must know that depending on the store, the location of the item might be different. Your next stop after the … Read more

Where is Evaporated Milk in the Grocery Store?

where to find evaporated milk in the grocery store

Grocery stores are huge and looking for a product could be overwhelming. Especially if you’ve tried finding evaporated milk in the grocery store.  Below you will find some aisles where you should check.  Which Grocery Store Aisle is Evaporated Milk in?  The first place to look for evaporated milk is in the grocery section. However, … Read more

Can I get fired for having a second job? 

Can I get fired for having a second job?

I’m not a magician but if you are reading this you are likely threatened by having a second job.  Or you want to secure a second job but want to be clear whether you can get fired for having a second job?  So here’s the truth;  If you are moonlighting then there’s a chance your … Read more

Where to Find Chia Seeds in the Grocery Store? 

where to find chia seeds in the grocery store

Tired of searching for chia seeds in the grocery store? Find out where you can find it without breaking a sweat.  Chia seed is a super healthy food that is common around the world. The natives of Mexico are known to consume it a lot. And considering the United States and Mexico share the same … Read more

Where to Find Tahini in the Grocery Store

where to find tahini in a grocery store

Not sure where you can find tahini in the grocery store? Below we discuss the aisles and sections you should check.  Tahini is a Middle Eastern condiment. It’s a thick paste of ground sesame see used as a dip or flavoring agent for dressings. It’s rich in protein, calcium, and oil constituents that make up … Read more

How to get a job at a Grocery Store – Must Read Tips & Secrets

how to get a job at the grocery store

If you want a job at a grocery store, chances are you are competing with hundreds of people for the position.  You should as well give up, right? There’s no need. The competition is fierce and you’d better find something else.  Why don’t you scupper that thought – You are good enough and the only … Read more

Where to Find Breadcrumbs in The Grocery Store? 

Where are breadcrumbs in a grocery store? 

Breadcrumbs, where can I find it in the grocery store?  I’ve written everything thing you need to know about aisles and sections you can find breadcrumbs in grocery stores. I’ve also added a section to help buyers know stores to find breadcrumbs. Without further ado;  WHERE TO FIND BREADCRUMBS IN THE GROCERY STORE The potential … Read more

What Are the Different Sections of a Grocery Store & Common Aisles?

What Are the Different Sections of a Grocery Store

The setting of a grocery store was created to organize the store into sections to allow customers to easily find products.  However, most people don’t know that the store is set up to drives sales and improve the customer’s shopping experience at the same time. A grocery store has many aisles, and you could get … Read more

Why Do Grocery Stores Ask for Donations?

Why Do Grocery Stores Ask for Donations

You stand in front of the cashier who is bagging your groceries. After that, the cashier with a smile asks you to donate to charity.  Now you are in a dilemma – politely saying no might appear insensitive to the queue of people behind you.  Do you simply drop a dollar into the donation box … Read more