Where to find bean sprouts in the grocery store

Where to find bean sprouts

Frankly speaking, bean sprouts are not on our list of favorite grocery items to find in a grocery store. They’re rarities, and also prone to carrying bacteria, despite how scrumptious they look. That’s why grocery stores don’t stock them, most times. And when they do, chances are that you won’t find many of them on … Read more

Where are capers in the grocery store?

Where to find capers

You cook with capers, but do you know what they really are? Well, the Capparis Spinosa, which we know in the less tongue-twisting term as Capers, is a type of plant with edible flower buds. These edible buds are mostly hand-picked because they’re too tiny and fragile to be collected with machines. It’s one of … Read more

Where to find vanilla extract in grocery store

Where to find vanilla extract in the grocery store

If you knew the story of how vanilla became the world’s favorite flavor, then it wouldn’t be a surprise to see that vanilla extract is on our list of “must find” items. Vanilla extract is a liquid mix made by soaking and breaking down vanilla bean pods in alcohol and water, and then filtering out … Read more

Where to find trash bags in the grocery store

Nothing screams convenience more than trash bags. You can imagine how gross it’d be to scrape grime and rotten food off the base of your plastic bins. Trash bags ensure that imagination doesn’t come to reality by offering you a reusable and recyclable solution to disposing waste. If you’re looking for where to buy trash … Read more

Where to find peppercorn in the grocery store

Where to buy peppercorns in the grocery store

Peppercorns are tiny, round and green fruits that usually grow in a small bunch, which are then dried to make black pepper. They’re perfect for spicing up various food recipes from stir-fries to seasoning meat or fish, vegetables, salad dressings, soups, and even pasta. If you’d like to know how to find and where to … Read more

Where to find agar powder in the grocery store

Gelatin is one of the 37 things to avoid as a vegan. Why? Well, prepare yourself for this next horrifying part. It contains crushed animal body parts. Gross, right? Automatically, this fact cancels gelatin from being a vegan food item. However, there’s an alternative you should consider, which is agar powder. What is agar powder? … Read more

Where to find nutritional yeast in the grocery store

Where to buy nutritional yeast

You’ve heard of yeast and how it plays an important role in food, from the bread we eat to the beer we drink. It’s especially a great raising agent for dough. Now, picture yeast without the leavening factor and you’ve got Nutritional yeast. It’s a fat, sugar, dairy and gluten free version of your regular … Read more

Where to find anchovy paste in the grocery store

There’s something fishy about why people don’t like seafood, and while we may never fully understand it, we’ve come up with a solution. Fish… but as a paste.  Before you hit that back button, hear us out first. Anchovy pastes are ground anchovies, with a mix of vinegar, some spices, and a bit of sugar … Read more

Where to find dry sherry in the grocery store

where to find dry sherry in the grocery store

We found Coconut Aminos in the grocery store before, and we’ve seen how great it is for marination. Now, we’ve found something else you can use in your cooking to get great taste results. Dry sherry. Dry sherry is wine that ferments, after which a layer of yeast, known as flor, forms on top of … Read more

Where to find Coconut Aminos in the grocery store

Where to find Coconut Aminos

Soy sauce is the regular go-to option for marinating, and we often incorporate it into sauces and use them in our stew. But here’s why Soy sauce is bad for you, especially when you’re on a gluten-free diet. And since it’s not always ideal to ingest, what’s the better alternative? In our opinion, we’d say … Read more