Where to Find Cinnamon Sticks in the Grocery Store 

Where to Find Cinnamon Sticks in the Grocery Store

The exotic scent of cinnamon stick and its versatile use makes it one of the most searched spices in grocery stores. If you are wondering where you can find cinnamon sticks in the grocery store, keep reading this post.  Cinnamon sticks are usually stored in spice bottles and kept on shelves in the baking aisle.  … Read more

Can I Sue a Grocery Store for Selling Expired Food? – Find Out

Canned foods with expiry dates in a brown carton

While it’s good practice to always check the expiry date of items you buy in a store, you may forget to do so sometimes. Though consuming some expired grocery items doesn’t cause any harm, it’s not worth the risk. It begs the question, “can I sue a grocery store for selling expired food?” Well, from … Read more

Where to Find Honey in a Grocery Store

where to find honey in a grocery store

Walking around the different sections of a grocery store while looking for a single product can be an unpleasant experience. If you are not the type to ask questions and directions from the employees, then this post is for you. If you would rather find honey yourself, keep reading. Where can I find honey in … Read more