Where to Find Dandelion Greens in the Grocery Store?

Where to find dandelion greens

You are most likely not one of those that see dandelions as a nettlesome weed that keeps growing in the garden.  By the way, it is loaded with nutritional benefits. The dandelion leaves called dandelion greens are used in many recipes too. If you have already discovered the secrets about dandelion greens, then asking’ where … Read more

Where Does Aldi Milk Come From?

Have you ever wondered, “Where does Aldi milk come from?”. If you have, Aldi’s private brand milk, Friendly Farms, comes from a partnership between the store and British Farms across the United Kingdom like Arla Foods. This union is known as the Aldi Dairy Farm partnership and was created in 2018. It has since been … Read more

How to Run a Successful Grocery Store

Running a grocery store begins with putting customers first. 73% of customers agree that their experience at a store influences their buying decision. Some are willing to spend more money if it means being offered quality service. So a happy customer leads to a sales increase, which contributes significantly to the success of a grocery store. But … Read more

Lidl Business Model Continues to Keep Other Stores on Their Toes

Front view of Lidl supermarket building header image

Every successful business starts from a plan. This plan covers how the business plans to make money, what products or services it offers, how it will identify its target audience, and the expenses incurred. This is called a business model, and it’s what will serve as the framework on which the business will operate and … Read more

What is Lidl? Type of Store and Everything Else You Should Know

Lidl store logo header image

Lidl, pronounced as “Lee-dle” (as in needle, wheedle, beadle), is the store giving Aldi a run for its money. Many shoppers are no strangers to how Aldi offers low product prices, earning it the title of the cheapest grocery store. It’s hard to compete with that when considering the store’s profit margin. How do you keep prices … Read more

Where to Find Wax Paper in a Grocery Store

where to find wax paper in the grocery store

It’s a food-safe tissue paper that has been coated with layers of paraffin wax. It comes in a roll for chores like wrapping up cheese to store in a refrigerator. Aside that, Wax paper can be used for many things, including decorating a cake, storing food, dough rolling, and much more.  Although wax paper is … Read more

What is the Difference Between a Grocery Store and a Supermarket?

Grocery stores, supermarkets, and supercenters. They all seem like the same thing, don’t they? But, on the contrary, there is a difference between grocery store and supermarket. Grocery stores are exclusive to specific items. They are designed to suit a target population or demographic and region. E.g., Mexican and Asian grocery stores. Check out our guide … Read more

Where to Find Rice Cake In the Grocery Store?

Where to find rice cake in the grocer store

Finding items in a grocery store can be overwhelming. There are different aisles and sections to check. It’s easy to get confused about where to check for what you want. Based on my experience, here’s the irony of looking for in a Grocery Store; It takes forever to find a common item in a large grocery … Read more

What Are the Different Sections of a Grocery Store & Common Aisles?

What Are the Different Sections of a Grocery Store

The setting of a grocery store was created to organize the store into sections to allow customers to easily find products.  However, most people don’t know that the store is set up to drives sales and improve the customer’s shopping experience at the same time. A grocery store has many aisles, and you could get … Read more

How to Build Grocery Store Display Shelves

Grocery display products header image

Grocery store display shelves are more than just for aesthetic pleasure. How you arrange them can significantly impact how many customers you attract. It can also determine how much sales you make. This is why building grocery store display shelves the smart way is important. You’ll need to consider the color contrasts of the products … Read more