Safeway Carpet Cleaner Rental – Pricing, Model & Rental

Carpet vacuum cleaner sitting in the hallway header image

A Safeway carpet cleaner rental might save your life – or pocket. It is one of the best ways to suction dirt, bugs and bacteria from areas of your carpet you might’ve missed with a broom. Since investing in a high-quality machine to get the job done can be costly, Safeway offers its machines at … Read more

Kroger Employee Discount – Everything You Should Know

Grocery store employee smiling in between an aisle

Employee discounts are motivating. There’s nothing better than being rewarded for your services. Supercenters and grocery stores like Walmart give 10% off store merchandise to their staff. Meanwhile, the likes of Aldi don’t reward their employees, having low-profit margins already.  But what about Kroger? Kroger is the second-largest retailer after Walmart, with annual revenue of $132.5 billion as of 2020. These numbers indicate … Read more

Where to Find Aluminum Foil in a Grocery Store

where to find Aluminum foil in the grocery store

Aluminum foil is typically sold as thin metal leaves and measure less than 0.2mm. It’s used for storing food, either warm or cold. Additionally, It allows to keep your food warm for longer periods and serve as wraps to store food. Now that you know these facts about aluminum foil, the big question is which … Read more

Kroger Return Policy: Everything You Need to Know

It is annoying to purchase a grocery item in a rush and discover it has defects after reaching your apartment. Of course, your brain immediately starts making plans to return it, but what happens when the store is strict about returns? Luckily, Kroger isn’t one of them. You can get a full refund at Kroger when … Read more

Can You Buy Safeway Stock?: All You Need to Know

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You can’t buy Safeway stocks because it’s owned by a private equity company, Cerberus Capital Management. In 2015, the company bought Safeway for $8 Billion and merged it with Albertsons. Safeway stocks were then removed from the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). The store has remained private ever since. However, there’s a loophole for investors interested in … Read more

Does Safeway Sell Lottery Tickets?

A lottery ticket header image

Safeway sells Powerball, Mega Millions, SuperLotto tickets in most Canadian and American stores. You can get them at the Customer service desk. Alternatively, check with the Checkout counter. Ask the cashiers for it, and they’ll provide it. Unfortunately, Safeway doesn’t accept debit or credit cards, gift cards, or reward points as payment for lottery tickets. … Read more

Does Safeway Sell Amazon Gift Cards?

Multiple black gift cards tied with golden bows header image

Safeway sells Amazon gift cards, and you can get them in the following denominations; $10, $25, $50, $100, and $500. You will find the gift cards at the checkout counter.  Store layouts vary across locations, so you might not easily spot the checkout area. But before purchasing Amazon gift cards from Safeway, call the store to … Read more

Where to Find Juice Concentrate in the Grocery Store?

where to find juice concentrate

Do you want to make your juice or beef up the flavor of your drinks or pastries? Yes, Juice concentrate is an ideal match for your needs. Whatever you want juice concentrate for, we will show you the exact aisles you will find in this post. We have also made a list of stores where … Read more

Where to Find Floss in the Grocery Store?

Where to find floss in the grocery store

Floss, or dental floss, is a bundle of strings used in cleaning and remove food from the spaces between your teeth. This prevents dental plaque from growing and ruining them. Dental plaques are available at any drug or grocery store that sells essential items. Keep reading to learn what aisles and stores to find them … Read more

Where to Find Fresh Bread in the Grocery Store

Where to find bread in the grocery store

The pleasant smell from hot dough is unarguably incomparable. If you’ve tasted such fresh bread you can never go back, or so they say. Perhaps, you are hoping to grab some oven-hot loaves from the grocery store yourself, otherwise you won’t be reading this post now. As you read on, you’ll learn what aisles to … Read more