Where to find Pickling Cucumber in the grocery store 

Fork holding up a pickling cucumber above a pickle jar header image

Pickling cucumbers are shorter, fatter, and have more bumps than the long and thin cucumbers you’re used to. Those types are called slicing cucumbers. Pickling cucumbers got their name because of their small nature and texture, which makes them perfect for fitting into jars and soaking up brine faster. Meanwhile, slicing cucumbers have thicker skin … Read more

Where to find Lemongrass plants in the grocery store

Asian woman holding lemongrass stalks in a grocery store

Lemongrass is a popular plant found in tropical regions. The stalk of the plant smells much like lemon, hence the origin of its name. Lemongrass is used as flavoring for food, fragrance for bathing soaps and deodorants, as well as medicine for treating digestive tract spasms, high blood pressure, and stomach aches, among other conditions. … Read more

Where to find Wax Paper in grocery stores

Person holding a sheet of wax paper header image

Wax paper, as the name implies, is made out of wax. The material is made super thin yet waterproof,  and is used for various purposes — lining counter tops to prevent a mess when you’re kneading dough, wrapping food, and lining containers you want to store baked goods in. Wax paper isn’t the same as … Read more

Where to find Kimchi in grocery stores

Kimchi in a white plate header image

Kimchi is salted and fermented vegetables made with cabbage, raddish, cucumber, and spinach, among others. Spices like chili powder, spring onions, garlic, and ginger are also used to make Kimchi. The taste is a blend of spicy, sour, and umami. Kimchi originates from Korea and has up to 13 types. But the most common one, … Read more

Where to buy cheesecloth of the best grades near you

White cheesecloth wrapped around the rim of a glass mug header image

Cheesecloth is a lightweight material usually made out of cotton and has tiny holes. You can use it to drain and separate curds (lumps of milkfat) from whey (yellow-ish liquid) in the process of making cheese. Curds are what eventually turn into cheese after you continuously press and drain them of whey. Cheesecloths are normally … Read more

Where to find turmeric roots in the grocery store

Person holding net bag containing turmeric roots

Turmeric roots are the raw versions of the spice you know as turmeric powder. Ground turmeric is popularly used as colorant in curries. It’s what gives them their vibrant yellow color. Some people use turmeric powder as a form of dye, and it’s a potent ingredient in medicine. It helps to reduce internal inflammation and … Read more

Does Walmart charge for debit card cashback?

Person counting dollar bills header image

Debit card cashback is a more convenient service than your ATM. It allows you to request money from grocery stores during checkout. The cashier will enter the amount you request into the card reader along with the total amount for your purchase. They will debit your account, then give you the value in cash.  Cashback … Read more

Does Publix take EBT?

Customer putting card into card reader at checkout desk header image

Publix accepts EBT cards as a payment method. You can shop for eligible groceries in-store and online, but you’d have to use another card to pay for Publix delivery. Currently, the store doesn’t accept EBT cards for deliveries. If you want to know more about Electronic Benefits Transfer cards and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program … Read more

Does Shoprite take EBT?

Header image of a Shoprite building

Shoprite accepts Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) cards for both online and in-store purchases. You can buy eligible grocery items from the store’s mobile app or website. While you can’t use your card to pay for service or delivery charges, you can use it to pay for the items you add to your virtual cart. The … Read more

What are the different sections of a grocery store & common aisles?

What Are the Different Sections of a Grocery Store

The layout of grocery stores change regularly. While this change helps to keep aisles organized and help customers locate products easily, it is also a strategy to boost sales. Think of it as a mouse in the maze. Retailers trap you within their matrix untill you have to buy something you didn’t plan for before … Read more