Where to Find Floss in the Grocery Store?

Where to find floss in the grocery store

Floss or dental floss is a string of fine filaments used in interdental cleaning to remove food and dental plaque between teeth — those areas where a toothbrush can’t easily reach. Its routine usage as part of oral hygiene is intended to promote oral health. Many of these products are available at any grocery store, … Read more

Where to Find Fresh Bread in the Grocery Store?

Where to find bread in the grocery store

The pleasant smell from the butter-drenched hot dough is unarguably incomparable. Such savory is quite relatable only if you’ve witnessed it first hand. If you’ve ever tasted fresh bread you can never go back or so they say. Perhaps you are hoping to grab some oven-hot loaves from the Grocery Store yourself; here is where … Read more

Does Safeway Fill Helium Balloons?

A floating bouquet of balloons header image

Safeway fills helium balloons at the Checkout stations of most stores. For balloon bouquets, check the Floral and Gift department. The store charges $2 per balloon, but the price may vary according to the size. You can get your balloon filled for free if you buy them from Safeway.  Keep reading this post to learn … Read more

Does Safeway Make Custom Cakes?

Person adding floral icing to a blue cake

Safeway has custom cakes for sale at most of its stores. If you have an occasion coming up, Safeway is one of the best sources for pastries and baked goods.  The store makes cake for weddings, baby showers, birthdays, anniversaries, and more. You can pick the size, flavor, filling, icing and special message to be … Read more

Does Safeway Sell Dry Ice?

Stacked ice cubes header image

Safeway sells dry ice for $1 to $3 per pound in most of its stores. Unfortunately, you can’t order it online because dry ice is usually heavy and dangerous to transport. So your best chances of getting it are at the physical stores.  You can use the online store locator to find a Safeway store near you. … Read more

10 Kroger Competitors: The Best Stores Giving Kroger a Run for its Money

Man and woman walking towards Kroger supermarket building entrance

Kroger competitors include Publix, Costco, Target, Whole Foods Market, Sprouts Farmers Market, and others. The American retail chain of grocery stores is the second largest after Walmart. In 2020 alone, Kroger generated a revenue of $132.5 billion, and sales grew by 14.2%. If these numbers are any indication, Kroger is one of the best grocery stores to shop.  However, … Read more

Where to Find Burritos Near Me in the Grocery Store?

where to find burritos in the grocery store

Who doesn’t love burritos? I mean, the alluring taste of the savory ingredients wrapped in a tortilla is nearly irresistible: the cheese, egg, chicken, beef, vegetables, rice, beans, spices, name it. Yummy, right?  So, if you care to grab some rolls of it for breakfast or quench your hunger, here is where to find them … Read more

Where to Find Fish Sticks in the Grocery Store?

where to find fish sticks in the grocery store

You do not have to overthink where to find fish sticks in the grocery store near you. We have also made a list of stores that sell it. Fish sticks or fish fingers (as the British call it) is a crunchy appetizer that many people enjoy. It is made using processed white fish like pollock, … Read more

I Lost My Safeway Club Card. Now What?

The Safeway for U membership program allows customers to accumulate shopping points and earn rewards using their Safeway Club cards. They can also save money on grocery shopping and other expenses like gas and pharmaceutical services.  Losing your Safeway Club card can be devastating. Imagine losing access to all those perks and rewards! Though it may seem … Read more

Does Safeway Have Student Discount?

Asian girl wearing face mask and carrying red backpack in a grocery store aisle

Student life is tough. It’s easy to buckle under the pressure when you combine expenses and hectic class schedules. While you may not have control of the education system, you are in charge of your personal decisions towards saving money as a student.  If you’re a lavish spender, transitioning to the budget-shopper life may be depressing … Read more