Where to find sparkling water in the grocery store + how to make sparkling water

How to make sparkling water header image

Sparkling water is water infused with carbon dioxide gas under pressure. Basically, it’s water that went to Harvard and is too classy to be called just water. Sparkling water is as shiny as, some would say, “the stars”. It’s also fizzy like soda and other soft drinks, but without the calories. So it’s a healthier … Read more

Where to find broccoli in the grocery store

Where to find broccoli in the grocery store header image

Broccoli has the kind of taste most people would describe as “horrid”. But if you look past that horrid taste, there’s a lot more to benefit from it. Broccoli lowers cholesterol levels and even helps to regulate blood sugar, as well as aid you in maintaining a healthy weight. If you’d like to add it … Read more

Where to find peanut butter in the grocery store

Where to find peanut butter

Peanut butter is a special food paste made from ground or blended and dry-roasted peanuts. There’s the addition of other ingredients, like salt or sweeteners, to boost its taste. Just like mustard, it’s popular and one of the most common household condiments. Additionally, it’s a much healthier alternative to butter as it carries more proteins and less … Read more

Where to find hot pepper sauce

Hot pepper sauce header image

Is it hot in here or what? Yes, it is. We thought about going hunting for hot pepper sauce in the grocery store, and who knew there were so many brands?   If you’re having difficulties locating hot pepper sauce, then take a scroll down with us to the following aisles. Where would hot sauce … Read more

Where to find mustard in the grocery store

Most foodies can relate to being mesmerized watching the guy at the hot dog stand drizzle mustard on their order. Don’t worry. We won’t judge because we love it too. Mustard is not just a condiment anymore, but it has become a food culture on its own. You can drizzle it over almost anything you … Read more

Where to find wonton wrappers in the grocery store

Where to find wonton wrappers in grocery store

Wonton wrappers are just exactly as the name implies. They’re fine thin sheets of dough that you can use to wrap fillings for wontons, egg rolls and dumplings. They’re also made out of wheat flour, eggs and water, and are easy to make at home. But if you’d rather have us show you where to … Read more

Where to find bean sprouts in the grocery store

Where to find bean sprouts

Frankly speaking, bean sprouts are not on our list of favorite grocery items to find in a grocery store. They’re rarities, and also prone to carrying bacteria, despite how scrumptious they look. That’s why grocery stores don’t stock them, most times. And when they do, chances are that you won’t find many of them on … Read more

Where are capers in the grocery store?

Where to find capers

You cook with capers, but do you know what they really are? Well, the Capparis Spinosa, which we know in the less tongue-twisting term as Capers, is a type of plant with edible flower buds. These edible buds are mostly hand-picked because they’re too tiny and fragile to be collected with machines. It’s one of … Read more

Where to find vanilla extract in the grocery store

Where to find vanilla extract in the grocery store

If you knew the story of how vanilla became the world’s favorite flavor, then you’d understand why vanilla extract is on our list of “must find” items. Vanilla extract is a liquid mix made by soaking and breaking down vanilla bean pods in alcohol and water, and then filtering out the results. It can be … Read more

Where to find trash bags in the grocery store

Nothing screams convenience more than trash bags. You can imagine how gross it’d be to scrape grime and rotten food off the base of your plastic bins. Trash bags ensure that imagination doesn’t come to reality by offering you a reusable and recyclable solution to disposing waste. If you’re looking for where to buy trash … Read more