Kroger Return Policy: Everything You Need to Know

It is annoying to purchase a grocery item in a rush and discover it has defects after reaching your apartment. Of course, your brain immediately starts making plans to return it, but what happens when the store is strict about returns?

Luckily, Kroger isn’t one of them. You can get a full refund at Kroger when you initiate returns. You don’t have to go back as the store offers mail delivery options. You’ll learn more about the Kroger return policy as you read on.

What is Kroger’s return policy?

The Kroger return policy clearly states that you can return an item within 30 days. Return the item with the receipt, and you’ll get your refund via the method of payment you used. 

For example, if you paid with your SNAP EBT, credit, or debit card, Kroger will refund your SNAP or bank account. If you paid with a check or cash, the store would refund you in cash. 

Your receipt can be the physical one given to you by the cashier or the digital version from online purchases. You’ll find it under the “Purchase History” tab of your Kroger account. You can access it using the app or the official website.

Kroger also accepts returns from customers without receipts. But the store won’t refund you with cash or transfer it to your bank account if the purchase is over $10. instead, they will give you a Merchandise Gift card that you can use to purchase something else from the store. You’ll need to sign a return slip, which will serve as evidence of the return. 

For purchases under $10, Kroger will refund you with cash. Overall, returning purchases to Kroger is free. So you shouldn’t expect to pay any service fees.

What items are eligible for returns at Kroger?

You can return any item purchased from Kroger stores. But certain items have restrictions, such as:

  • Alcohol and tobacco products. State laws govern them. Ensure to research laws controlling the movement of such items in your region before initiating store returns.
  • Baby formula. You must bring a receipt to the store, or Kroger will deny the return.
  • Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) foods. You can’t return them and get a refund. Kroger will only exchange them for the same item. 

Ensure to return Kroger items in their original condition. That being said, don’t use the blender to grind tomato purée and then package it for returns. You’d only be wasting your time as Kroger won’t accept it.

Leave the product untouched and in its original packaging. If it’s a sealed food item and you notice it’s past the expiration date, don’t throw it out and return the empty container. Instead, take it back to the store without opening or tampering with it. 

Alternatively, you can call the store for proper guidance on how to return the product.

Are gift cards returnable at Kroger?

Kroger Gift Cards are non-refundable, so you’re stuck with them after purchase. If you’re having issues redeeming or using the card, the best you can do is to contact Kroger’s Customer Relations Center via phone call. 

Girl holding gift card

You can also email them at Have your order number ready before contacting them as they’ll ask for it. Your order number should be in your confirmation email. Ensure to check your spam box if you don’t see it in your inbox.

When you report the issue, they’ll open a case or investigation. Depending on the store you contact, it could take up to two weeks. Some stores may speed up the process. 

How to return items to Kroger

There are two ways to initiate returns to Kroger; Physical or online. Use the following steps according to your preference:

Method #1: Go to a Kroger store near you

Carefully place your item in its original box or packaging. If it’s a regular store item like mustard bottles or Maraschino cherry jars, place them in any shopping bag. Be careful not to dent or damage the item. 

Man standing beside packed brown box on a table

Check that you’ve picked your receipt. If you’ve lost it, contact the store if they can reprint it. Even without the receipt, you can still initiate a return under the conditions stated in the Kroger return policy.

Use the online store locator on Kroger’s official website to find a branch near your location. You’ll also see the store’s operating hours and contact information. 

Go to the Customer service desk or Checkout counter to initiate the return process.

Method #2: Return Kroger items via mail.

Log into your Kroger account. Then, select the item you want to return from the “Purchase History” menu. Provide the reason for returning the item and then choose between exchanging it for another one or a refund. 

Print the shipping label and then paste it on your item. Then take it to a shipping courier service like UPS to return the item to Kroger. 

Man crossing road to a UPS van

Note: you will get your refund immediately if you return Kroger items in-store. But if you returned items via mail, it’ll take seven to 10 days for the store to process the return and refund your account.

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