Where to Find Jackfruit in the Grocery Store

Jackfruit is sweet, savory and contains a blend of rich flavors that make you love every bit of it. It’s an excellent vegan substitute for chicken and could even be served as a healthy dessert or smoothie. 

If you are looking for a place to buy Jackfruit, count yourself lucky we’ve discussed the aisle and store; you can find them online and in Walk-in stores. 

Which Grocery Store Aisle is Jackfruit Stored? 

Without a single doubt, the produce aisle is the first aisle you should check. Next up, check the fruits section. 

Your next stop to find Jackfruit is the international aisle or the mock meats section (as mentioned above, it’s a vegan meat substitute). The mock meats section is another hotspot you could find it. Jackfruit is either fresh or canned; thus, check the canned goods aisle along the syrup area or frozen food aisle.

Recap – Aisles you should check for Jackfruit;

  • Production Aisle 
  • International Aisle 
  • Mock Meats section 
  • Refrigerator Section 

Still can’t find it? Then ask a staff where Jackfruit is found. They’d be happy to point you in the right direction. 

Grocery Stores That Sell Jackfruit 


Amazon is the king of online shopping, and it’s the first choice when it comes to grocery shopping online. You can get the fresh whole Jackfruit or canned. There are many brands at different prices which is customer-friendly, like the 


When you walk into Walmart, your first step to find jackfruits is in the produce aisle. Walmart has an online locator on their website to check for the product’s availability at their closest store. In addition, they offer home deliveries and curbside pickup. 


Aldi sells jack fruit, and the popular choice there is the Bramwell Young. The produce section is where Jackfruit is kept. 


Lidl has its branded Jackfruit, and if you need a meat replacement fruit as vegan, you will like Lidl’s Jackfruit Bao Bun with Asian-style sauce. 

Your Local Health Food Store 

Any local health food store close to you should have fresh Jackfruit or canned. However, you’d rarely find the fresh one sitting on the shelves. Canned Jackfruit is the standard option in this kind of store. 


Kroger has an online store locator to find their branch closest to you, for starters. The locator shows the availability of Jackfruit, the aisle they are in, and the price. In addition, you should know that not all items are eligible for delivery. 

Whole Foods 

Whole foods boast of organic food, and its pedigree speaks for itself. In addition, whole foods have a variety of brands like organic Jackfruit, organic young, and Pulled Jackfruit. 

Ethnic Markets 

When next visit the ethnic markets shop, fresh Jackfruit is in the produce section while the canned fruit is around the refrigerator section. 

Asian Market 

Jackfruit has its origins in Asia, and it’s a no-brainer to begin your search in an Asian market. They sell the fresh Jackfruit and then canned. 



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