Is it Hard to Get a Job at Walmart?

Planning to apply for Walmart job? It’s an easy process. All you need to do is fill out an application form online and wait for a response. Filling the application can be done in 20 minutes. But to be on the safe side, you should reserve one hour to fill out your application. This will help you fill in your details correctly.

As long as you’re not picky about roles, you should land a position within a week to one month. You’d also need to ensure that you are available most of the time. This is because certain positions will require high attendance levels. For example, the cashier

Depending on the position, you might need to undergo thorough tests and assessment or do an interview. This is usually the tough part, for most people. It’s not because Walmart is strict. Rather, it’s the intimidation from sitting across from an interviewer.

Will Walmart hire me if I have no experience?

If you have no experience, it’s not the end of the world. Walmart hires everyone, these days, even if you’ve only finished high school. There are many roles you can take on, as long as you’ve attained basic English or Math skill levels.

This will allow you to handle simple tasks like manning the checkout counter or directing customers to the appropriate aisles. Walmart also has trainers in every department. So if you ever get confused or lost, you can turn to them for directions. In other words, you can learn on the job.

Three female Walmart employees standing in the vegetable aisle

Even with no experience, you’re entitled to the same Walmart employee discounts and benefits as the experienced staff. 

Is the hiring process at Walmart competitive?

The hiring process at Walmart is not competitive. Walmart is always hiring, which is the good news. As the largest retailer in the world, Walmart experiences a surge of customers walking into its stores daily. Because of this, it needs more hands on deck to attend to them and ensure they have the best shopping experience.

The bad news is that Walmart can let you go as fast as it hired you. So you’re easily replaceable if you skip work constantly or continuously perform badly at your job.

This is why Walmart has no qualms about hiring thousands of associates at once. You’d have to prove you’re serious about your job to keep it. 

What are the easiest & hardest positions in Walmart?

Some would say the easiest position to occupy in Walmart is Cart pusher. Others would disagree. 

As a Cart pusher, you earn an average of $12 per hour. It is your job to retrieve littered shopping carts from the parking lots and arrange them properly. You would also help pickup and regular shoppers carry groceries in bulk to their vehicles.

Other tasks that accompany the cart pusher responsibility include:

  • Inspecting shopping carts for damages and notifying the store management
  • Emptying parking lot trash bins
  • Having knowledge about products for when customers ask you about them.

The best part about the job is slow days. When the store doesn’t have many customers filing in, it means you have time to relax. But on busy days, you’d have to be on your toes most of the time. 

You could also say the same for the Cashier. All you literally have to do is stand in one place, scan customer items, punch a few buttons on the cash register, and repeat. But imagine doing that for hours, and you’d start to see the stress involved.

At the end of the day, there is no “easiest” or “toughest” position at Walmart. It all depends on your level of tolerance for physical stress.

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