Is DoorDash Safe to Order From?

Is DoorDash safe? The answer is yes. DoorDash is safe to order from, and also safe to work for. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has remained one of the most trustworthy food delivery services.

But why is DoorDash safe exactly? Is it completely free of fraudulent activities?

In this article, we’ll explore the answers to those questions.

Is DoorDash safe? Top 5 reasons why it is

With no-contact deliveries becoming popular and lockdowns dominating our everyday routine, ordering food online seems to be the best way to fill our stomachs.

Brown delivery box sitting in front of a white door

But just as it has its advantages, food delivery has its cons. On the bright side, you don’t have to leave the comfort of your couch to eat. The downside is that it brings security concerns. By ordering for food online, you expose your address details to strangers. Also, you don’t know what has happened to your food before it got to you.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that there’s no perfect business. However, some businesses perform exceptionally well at what they do. DoorDash is one of them.

Let’s look at why it’s safe to order food through DoorDash.

1. The Dashers won’t touch your food

The thought of someone manhandling food that’s supposed to go down our throats is disturbing. You don’t know where they’re hands have been, or even worse, if they’ve washed them properly.

With DoorDash, the chances of that happening are exceedingly low. Although DoorDash is a food delivery service, their drivers are not food tasters. So they have no right to open, inspect or taste your food. Once your DoorDash driver picks up your order from your restaurant of choice, they put the food in a hot bag

A hot bag is a thermally insulated bag for regulating food temperatures while in transit. It keeps cold food cold, and keeps hot food hot. Hot bags are commonly used by delivery drivers or riders.

Woman putting food item into a DoorDash hot bag

Grab a hot bag

After the DoorDash driver places your food in the hot bag, he goes straight to your address to drop it off, and that’s as close as he goes to your meals.

2. Their hot bag protocols protect your food

The role of a DoorDash driver goes beyond stashing your food in their hot bag to keep it warm. DoorDash drivers also have to ensure the hot bag is sitting properly in their vehicle. 

If the Dasher is riding a bike, they have to ensure the hot bag is strapped securely to their backs to prevent it from falling off unexpectedly and ruining your meal. 

Food delivery man resting on his bicycle while backpacking a hot bag

Since the hot bag is also going to house multiple food orders in a day, DoorDash has some protocols in place to address cleanliness as follows:

  • DoorDash drivers should wipe their hot bags clean with recommended household cleaners for kitchens.
  • Dashers should also use clean towels or paper towels with water to wipe off the cleaner residues or remnants.
  • Dashers should then use other dry towels to dry the insides of their hot bags.

3. You don’t have to talk to the Dasher

This is great for the antisocial folks. You don’t need to sign any release forms or collect a receipt. Once your Dasher is around your corner or in front of your door, you can leave them a message on the DoorDash app and instruct them on where to keep your food.

Delivery instructions on the DoorDash app

They can leave it on a chair at your front porch or even drop it off with the neighbors. Just make sure to wash your hands after picking it up.

Since the pandemic period, this food delivery perk has made DoorDash famous. With the fear of contacting the COVID virus gripping people, no-contact deliveries have become the number one option.

It’s the best alternative to eating out at a restaurant. This way, the restaurant is brought to you instead.

4. Doordash has physical addresses

Another reason why DoorDash is safe to order from is that it has a U.S. based headquarters in San Francisco. The address is 901 Market Street 6th Floor San Francisco, CA 94103, United States.

That is where major figure heads and key staff in the DoorDash business operate. So it’s a legally established delivery service. The headquarters also adds to the credibility of the business.

DoorDash also has other offices spread out in Philadelphia, Washington, Seattle, San Antonio, and many more.

Reception area in a DoorDash office

In today’s world where everyone is going digital with their business, it’s hard to tell who is legitimate. With a physical location associated with their brand name, DoorDash proves without saying that it’s traceable and contactable.

5. Dashers pass through background checks

Before you become a DoorDash driver, you must agree to pass through a background check. This process is a mandatory part of DoorDash’s terms of hire. 

Background check form

The background check is aimed at fishing out any history or record of sexual assault, drug abuse, felony, and so on. If after the background screening, it is discovered that you have major violations, especially within the last 7 years, you could be disqualified from becoming a DoorDash driver.

This procedure is essential to ensure that customers are not endangered because of DoorDash. It’s what makes the delivery service one of the safest to order from.


What does no contact delivery mean?

No-contact delivery means that your food order can be brought to your doorstep without you having to meet with the delivery person face-to-face.

The delivery person can leave your food at your doorstep, with a neighbor, or tuck it in safely in a private and secure corner as you’ve instructed. 

No-contact deliveries are usually pre-paid for. So you also don’t need to exchange cash with the delivery person, or even tip them in person.

Is there anything bad about DoorDash?

Like any other delivery business, DoorDash isn’t perfect. DoorDash hires normal people like yourself who have their own lives to manage. Sometimes, that can interfere with their jobs and affect your delivery.

So occasionally, DoorDash drivers may be rude or arrive late. There are also the allegations that DoorDash steals tips from its drivers, which hasn’t helped their reputation at all.

Does DoorDash steal your information?

DoorDash is a delivery service that operates online. It’s no surprise that they need customer data like location, name and zip codes to track them and deliver food orders. 

The DoorDash data breach of 2019 is proof that DoorDash keeps sensitive information about both their workers and customers. During the data breach, scores of people were impacted. Workers had their driver’s license information stolen and customer information was swiped as well. E.g. phone numbers, email addresses, names, addresses, etc.

Just a recap!

In this article, we established that DoorDash is safe to order from. We also explored 5 reasons why it is. In summary, DoorDash is safe to order from because:

  • DoorDash drivers won’t touch your food.
  • DoorDash has hot bag protocols in place to protect your food.
  • You don’t have to talk to the Dasher.
  • Doordash has physical addresses.
  • Dashers pass through background checks.

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