Does Instacart Deliver to Apartments?

Instacart offers home delivery services. That means whatever type of accommodation you have, be it a trailer or a hostel, your driver will bring your food down to you.

So to answer the question, yes. Instacart apartment delivery is possible. There just needs to be clear communication between you and the driver. This is possible through the Instacart app. 

Do you want them to leave it with a doorman? Should they drop it beside the flower pot at the entrance?

In this article, you’ll learn how the Instacart apartment delivery works.

How does Instacart deliver to apartments?

You might be considering ordering noodles or rice. But you live in an apartment complex where multiple other people live.

While you may think this could disqualify you from being able to order food through Instacart, it doesn’t. You can order food from your apartment just the same way any other person living alone can.

An apartment building

All you need to do is leave detailed instructions for your Instacart driver. If you have a security system in place, notify them about it using the chat feature within the Instacart app. 

If the driver is supposed to climb upstairs to your apartment, drop your apartment information with the driver. Such as the apartment number and certain landmarks or objects that will help them find you easily.

You can even take a picture of your apartment door or surroundings to make the Instacart apartment delivery process easier.

Can an Instacart driver enter my apartment to drop deliveries?

For safety reasons, Instacart drivers can’t, and are not supposed to, enter your apartment to drop off your order. Even if you ordered enough food items to throw a feast, you’d have to lug them into your apartment yourself. 

A man picking up white grocery bags from his doorstep

However, there are exceptional cases where an Instacart driver can enter your apartment. For example, if you’re disabled or temporarily incapacitated, it would be nice of the driver to assist you in dropping your order on your kitchen counter. 

But if you are none of these things and you ask them to come into your apartment, they are permitted to disobey the instruction. Also, Instacart drivers will never offer or insist on entering your apartment.  If you’ve experienced that recently, you can contact Instacart’s customer support to report the incident.

Can an Instacart driver decline my order because I live in an apartment?

If no Instacart driver accepts your order, it’s definitely not because you live in an apartment. There are multiple other reasons why that happened. For example, during peak hours.

Peak hours refer to the busiest hours of the day. These are times when people close from work, rush to grocery stores, or prepare to go home. So there’s usually traffic congestion.

At peak hours, it is expected that customers are usually occupied or too tired to make their own meal. So they use food delivery services like Instacart or Shipt. Because of this, there’s an influx of customer orders coming in. 

So when Instacart has a shortage of drivers available to handle those orders, it affects the response to your order.

Another possible reason for your order being ignored is that the Instacart driver simply doesn’t want to fulfill it. Instacart drivers are independent workers. They are under no obligation or rule to accept your order.

So a driver can decide to ignore your request for personal reasons, and not because of your apartment. If your location is also far, then that could be another reason.

Should I tip extra for my Instacart apartment delivery?

You might be tempted to feel guilty for stressing your Instacart driver. You shouldn’t. Instacart delivery services are non-discriminatory. 

That means they are available to every customer who orders with the app. So there isn’t any hidden or extra charge attached to an Instacart apartment delivery.

However, that shouldn’t stop you from tipping nicely. If you received a good delivery service from your driver, you can appreciate his efforts with a tip.

Glass jar with the word "tip" labelled on it

Instacart recommends leaving its drivers a 5% tip. That is, 5% of your total bill. For example, if you ordered food worth $20 on Instacart, you can tip your driver $3. You can do this on the app before or after they fulfill your order.

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