I Lost My Safeway Club Card. Now What?

The Safeway for U membership program allows customers to accumulate shopping points and earn rewards using their Safeway Club cards. They can also save money on grocery shopping and other expenses like gas and pharmaceutical services. 

Losing your Safeway Club card can be devastating. Imagine losing access to all those perks and rewards! Though it may seem like the end of the world for you, the situation is not so bad. Keep reading this post to learn what to do next after losing your Safeway Club card.

What do I do if I lost my Safeway Club card?

It’s simple. Just request a new one! Every Safeway store has a Customer service desk reserved to cater to customer complaints and needs. When you go there, reporting the missing card is all it takes to request a new one. 

The Customer service representatives will process your request and prepare a replacement card for you immediately. You would then need to register and activate the new card. You can do this with the phone number linked to your original card or a new phone number. Getting a new Safeway Club card is free, so don’t expect to pay any fees. 

Alternatively, you can skip the lengthy process of getting a replacement card and use your card number instead. For example, if you wrote your Safeway Club card number down somewhere before it went missing, you could use it whenever you need to do some shopping.

You can also use the Safeway Just For U app. There you’ll find your virtual Safeway Club card. It will help you to continue earning shopping points without a physical card. 

All you need to do is open the “Member” section of the app. Then hover your mobile device over the scanners at Safeway’s checkout stations or present them to the cashier. Then you’re good to go!

How do I find my Safeway Club card number?

Method #1: Check your card

On the front of your Safeway Club card, you’ll find your card number there. It’s printed in bold black, so you can’t miss it. If you forgot to copy down this number before it went missing, all hope isn’t lost. See the following methods for alternative solutions.

One red and two grey Safeway Club cards
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Method #2: Go to the Safeway for U website

Another way to find your Safeway Club card number is to visit Safeway.com/foru and log in to your account. Under the Account section, select “Account Settings“.

Safeway for U Account menu
Photo source: safeway.com

You’ll find your Club card number there along with other information such as your name, phone number, and email address.

Account Settings menu on the Safeway for U web page
Photo source: safeway.com

Method #3: Visit the Customer service desk

If you’re at a Safeway store, you can approach the Customer service desk and ask the representatives to check the card information for you. The representatives will enter the phone number linked with the missing card into their computer systems and obtain the number for you at no cost.

Keep in mind that Safeway policies and services vary across locations. So some stores may not be so friendly in assisting you in retrieving your missing card number. 

Can I shop at Safeway without my Club card?

You can shop at Safeway even if you’ve lost your Club card. Unlike Sam’s Club and Costco, which require customers to purchase membership plans, you can shop at Safeway without one. Even if you don’t buy anything, you can stroll around the store to see all that it has to offer.

The only downside to shopping without the Safeway Club card is that you won’t accumulate points. That means you can’t earn rewards or cut back costs on groceries, gas, and pharmaceutical services, among others.

If you’ve never shopped with a Safeway Club card before, you can request or apply for one at the Customer service desk. You can also complete the registration online on the Safeway.com/foru page if you don’t want the stress of carrying a physical card. Although Safeway cashiers would prefer you have a card with you to make checkouts easier.

How do I change my Safeway Club card number?

You can’t change your Safeway Club card number. The best you can do is request another card, and you’d get a different one with a new number. 

Of course, the Customer service representatives would have to deactivate your old card since you can’t have two Safeway Club cards. But if you need a card for your spouse or family member, the store can arrange that. Customer service representatives would need to link the cards together, although that’s unnecessary. Your accounts can exist separately.

Though you can’t change your Safeway Club card number, you can update your phone number, email address and other contact information. This will prove helpful since you’d need your phone number to access Safeway for U points and rewards once you’ve lost your card. So it’s essential to ensure your account always reflects an active phone number and address.

Follow these quick steps to update the contact information for your Safeway Club card:

  • Go to Safeway.com/foru and log in to your account. 
  • Click on the “Account“. Then select “Account Settings“.
  • The website will redirect you to another page where you can now edit your full name, email address, date of birth, and phone number. Click on “Edit” to change the information.

    Account Settings menu on the Safeway for U page
    Photo source: safeway.com
  • When you’re through, click on “Save“.

    Safeway for U phone number edit in Account Settings menu
    Photo source: safeway.com

How do I cancel or deactivate my Safeway Club card?

If you want to deactivate the missing card to be on the safe side, that’s no challenge. You can ask the Customer service representatives at any Safeway store to do it for you. They will help you with removing your contact information from their database completely. 

However, you don’t have to go to the store. You can use the Safeway store locator to find a branch near you and their phone numbers. This way, you don’t need to leave the comfort of your couch to cancel the card.

Sign out from your account if you no longer wish to use the Safeway for U program. Then uninstall the app from your device. This is the best option since you can’t delete your Safeway for U account. 


Now you know what to do next if you lose your Safeway Club card. As long as you remember your card number or phone number, you can use those to accumulate points and earn rewards on your Safeway for U account. 

We hope you find this post helpful!

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