How to get a job at a Grocery Store – Must Read Tips & Secrets

If you want a job at a grocery store, chances are that you’re competing with hundreds of people for the position. You might as well give up, right?


The competition is fierce, but it can also be easily beaten with the right strategy. You would need to be hardworking, smart, and have some basic skills to enable you to execute your job proficiently. 

I’ve done my research and come up with proven ways to get a job at a grocery store. 

5 Best Practices for Getting a Job at a Grocery Store

Man wearing blue shirt standing beside grocery store aisles

1. Fill out an application form.

There are two ways to apply for a job position. The first is to apply online, which is common with big chain stores. The second way is by accepting in-person applications. This is usually the best option as you can see your employers face-to-face and stand out in their memory from other candidates. 

2. Complete an assessment test.

An assessment test is crucial for most job applications in the USA. It helps employers do a background check and interview you to see if you are fit for the job. 

If the job requires a lot of agility and movement, you’re more likely to perform tasks like move, bend, lift, and stock shelves. 

Most background checks will also rule you out for certain crimes. For example, applicants with felony convictions, especially in big cities, are unlikely to get a job as a cashier. Sex offenders too will be axed from the list of potential candidates. 

3. Have a printed resume.

Your resume should contain all your experiences working in a shop or a field that is closely related to the position you are applying for. It will increase your chances of getting hired. 

Print a resume and walk into the store with a smile. Look for the Hiring manager or the department in charge of recruitment. Big chains like Walmart, Kroger, Target have a dedicated person that is in charge of recruitment.

Some important qualities you should emphasize in your resume include: 

  • Good communication skills.
  • Prior knowledge about the position you are applying for. 
  • The ability to handle tools like pallet jacks, knives, and box cutters. 
  • Fit enough to lift 50lbs around. 
  • Multi-tasking.
  • Work long hour shifts between 5 to 8 hours. 
  • Ability to use your hands to grasp, push and pull. 
  • Ability to work in any weather condition. 
  • Flexible working schedule. For example, weekends and holidays.

If you have much experience at a particular job, include examples of times you’ve managed money and your experience with solving customer complaints.

But if you feel stuck at listing the skills you need in your resume, always check the job description. Employers often mention some qualities they are looking for. So adding those qualities can be boosters to your application. 

4. Schedule regular follow-ups.

Some people can’t handle rejection. So they fail to contact the targeted company when they don’t give feedback first on how your application went.

You should consider developing the habit of doing. Be persistent and ask about the status of your application when you don’t get a response after a long time. But don’t be aggressive with it.

Instead, choose a day in a week to follow up. If you still don’t get a response, try again the following week. Overall, develop a thick skin and try to predict what may happen before you get a final response.

If the response isn’t positive, don’t give up. Keep searching, till you find your dream job. 

5. Talk to the employees. 

Consider talking to an employee at the store you’re interested in to put in a word for you. It can greatly increase your chances of having a successful application.

But first, establish a relationship with them before you tell them you are applying for a job. Then ask them if they can put in the word for you. 

It would be weird if the person you are asking for assistance is a total stranger. They wouldn’t feel the need to help you. It works better if they become your friend, or if you have family members working there. 

Interview Pointers for Scoring a Grocery Store Job 

Asian man being interviewed by two Asian women

Here are some pointers to help you know what to expect from grocery store managers. They will help you address questions they commonly ask in interviews the smart way. 

1. The “tell me about yourself” conversation starters. 

It’s an open-ended and indirect question. while it may sound like a clear prompt for you to talk about your personal life, it’s actually not. Briefly talk about yourself, then give the interviewer insight into your education and qualifications. These are the areas are relevant to the position, and not your hobbies or fetishes.

Don’t put pressure on yourself to impress the interviewer. Just be yourself and set the tone of the conversation as someone hardworking, smart, and confident for the job. 

2. The “why do you want to work in this store?” question. 

Try to tell the interviewer why the position fits your skillset. Ensure you project yourself as someone that is motivated by the job. One way to accomplish that is by doing a thorough research on the store, the industry, and position.

Then tell your potential employers about things you found out about their brand. It shows them that you took your time to learn about them, which will score some points for you. 

Most importantly, know why you want to work in the position. Employers want to know that you’re not just applying for the fat paycheck and job perks.

2. The “do you have any professional experience for the job?” question. 

If you are applying for a sales job, you can talk about the times you have convinced a client, friend, or family member to make a purchase. 

If you are applying for a cashier position, talk about your cash handling experience. Talk about how you were entrusted with handling money and how you approached the responsibility. 

3. The “What would you do if you saw a co-worker shoplifting?” question.

Most people would say they will convince that co-worker to put the item back. I’d say that too. 

But that answer is wrong. Why? 

What if the coworker repeats the behavior? Can you guarantee that it won’t happen again? 

The correct thing to do is to report the incident to the Manager. No employer would like to hire a person that keeps them in the dark about their business. 

4. The “what should I wear to a grocery store interview?” question.

You have to make sure are presentable and appear formal. You don’t want to dress as though you are hitting the club. Choose clothing that goes with the season.

Select clothes that make you feel comfortable in them. Don’t overthink it, use your judgment, and you will do just fine. Finally, check for stains, holes, and wrinkles.


I believe all the tips given in the article will help you get a job at a grocery store. Remember that not everyone gets a job on their first try. But it doesn’t mean you are incompetent or lesser than the other applicants. You have to keep applying at different stores and don’t forget to follow up regularly.  

I wish you the best of luck in your job application!