How Does Walmart Pickup Work?

Walmart continues to make grocery shopping convenient for its customers. From the self-checkout stations to the curbside pickup, the stress of restocking your shelves has been halved.

The pandemic times are now dominated by home deliveries. Shoppers no longer have to be at a store to buy food or anything else. But does that mean in-store shopping will die out? Well, far from it.

The line between in-store shopping and home deliveries isn’t as clear cut as you might think. Now, there’s a middle man: the curbside pickup system where you don’t have to enter a grocery store, but you still need to leave your house to collect the groceries.

If you’ve never used the curbside pickup shopping option, you’ll learn about it in the following sections. We’ll be closely examining how Walmart pickup works.

How does Walmart pickup work?

Step #1: Add items to your cart

Walmart pickup is pretty simple. First, you select your groceries and other items online and toss them into your virtual cart. All this is done while using Walmart’s official app or website, and you’ll need to place a minimum order of $30 to qualify for pickup options.

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When you’re through ordering groceries on the Walmart website, choose a pickup option. You can either walk into the store and collect your item or opt for an employee to bring it out to your car.

Step #2: Reserve a time slot

The next step is to reserve a time. What this means is that you’ll need to schedule a time out of any day of the week you’re in. This should be a time when you’re free to come by the Walmart branch of your choice to collect your items.

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When you’ve done that, Walmart will inform you that you have a certain time limit to pay before your reservation expires. So you’ll need to set up your payment method to secure your reservation. If you don’t, the reservation will expire and you’ll need to repeat the process again.

Once the time for your reservation is close, it’s best to leave a few minutes early and head for the store. This is so that you don’t experience any delays on your way there that could cause you to miss your Walmart pickup.

Step #3: Go to the Walmart store

If you choose the curbside pickup option, you’d notice a parking lot specially reserved for curbside pickup shoppers when you get to the store. All you need to do next is pick a parking spot and notify the store that you’re around. 

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Step #4: Pickup your order

A Walmart employee will approach your vehicle with shopping bags containing the items you ordered for. It’s best if you double check the items before dumping them into your car boot. 

After confirming your items, the Walmart employee will hand you a scanner device. They often use this device to collect customer data, which is super helpful for tracking shoplifters.

But don’t panic. In your case, you’ll just need it to sign your signature electronically. This is going to act as evidence that you have collected your order from the store.

On the other hand, if you choose the in-store pickup option, you’d need to walk into the store to collect your order.

And that’s it! You’ve just learnt how Walmart pickup works.

Do you tip Walmart pickup?

In response to a similar question, Walmart says, “No. Tips cannot be accepted, but a ‘thank you’ and a smile are always welcome. Please complete the post-order survey to let us know about your experience and help us make your next order better!”.

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If a Walmart employee is caught collecting tips from you after dropping off your pickup order, they could get fired. However, it’s not the same for the delivery drivers.

You can tip Walmart delivery drivers, and when you do, 100% of it goes to the driver and not Walmart.

It’s clear to see why Walmart would put this rule in place. You wouldn’t want a tip-hungry employee hovering over you every time you come to collect your order.

Just a tip!

We showed you how Walmart pickup works. Now, you know what to expect when you make your first pickup order. Before we sum up this post, here’s a tip. Always set reminders for your pickup orders so that you don’t forget. And if you change your mind about the pickup, ensure to inform the store prior to the pickup time.

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