Where to Find Honey in a Grocery Store?

Finding honey in a grocery store is just as hard as finding a needle in a haystack. 

Where do you start? 

Walking around aisles and section to section looking for a single product could be an unpleasant experience. 

If you are not the type that asks questions from the employees and would rather find what you are looking for yourself, then this is for you. 

Honeys are store in transparent jars in the section of bread, jellies, and jams in the baking section. 

In general, the produce area in most stores is where you will find honey. 

The setting of every store is different, they are not laid out in the same way. 

I’ve been to stores that keep honey in hot cereal and the tea section. You can also find some at the sugar or BBQ section. 

Is there fake honey?  

If there’s real honey definitely there’s a fake. And if you aren’t lucky enough, you might pick up a container of fake honey for the real one. 

Fake honey was everywhere until the FDA created guidelines on how companies should make, label, and sell it. 

According to the guideline, if more than a single ingredient is used, the company must indicate that it was mixed with a sentence “honey blend” or any word to indicate it’s not 100% honey. 

Always look at the label and ensure it’s indicated that the honey is pure without additives. 

Look out for these words to know if the honey is not pure; 

  • Blended
  • Ultra-filtered

Also, check the ingredients, if it’s not honey alone then it’s been altered. 


You will find Honey in a transparent Jar in the baking section. If you can’t find it, call an employee to help you find it. 

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