Where to Find Garbage Bags in a Grocery Store

Some call it Garbage bag, bin bag, bin liner or trash. One thing i’m sure is you don’t want to referred to as any.

Garbage bags are convenient and sanitary way to handle garbage. It’s often used as a lining for bins or waste containers.

If you are wondering where to find garbage bags in a grocery store, this post is for you.

Which Grocery Store Aisle is Garbage Bag in?

Garbage bags are primarily found in the aisle where you find non-food items. You should see them on the same aisle where plastic containers and leaf bags are located.

However, the store you buy groceries might have a different arrangement, we’ve revealed in this post why Grocery stores change their layout.

Your second stop is the toilet tissue or paper towels section, you should find Garbage bags there.

Again, some grocery stores stock them in the same aisle where you find cleaning supplies. If you can’t find it, remember to ask a staff. They’d be happy to point you in the right direction.

Grocery Stores that sell Garbage bags

Here are some top grocery stores that sell garbage bags:


You can find high-quality garbage bags in different sizes on Amazon. Brands like Glad and Hefty sell garbage bags on Amazon. We love Amazon’s speedy online delivery, even for items like garbage bags.


Walmart is another perfect grocery store to buy garbage bags in different lengths and sizes. We have brands like Flex and Hefty that offer high-quality garbage bags, and with just a few clicks, you can order. You can request your garbage bags online from Walmart. Another great thing is the online store locator – it allows for users to search for the closest Walmart store around.


eBay also has a handful brands that sell garbage bags, and they even offer free delivery for some garbage bags. eBay is one of the largest online retail stores globally, and you can trust them to deliver anytime you place an order for your grocery bags.


Kroger has garbage bags instore, and you can find them in the cleaning and household aisle. In addition, they have various sizes and lengths of garbage bags available in store. So, you can pick up your trash bags in different sizes and shapes.


Safeway stores have different sizes and lengths of garbage bags. You can find trash bags in the paper, cleaning, and home aisle, and they are of high quality.


You can also find grocery bags in Publix grocery stores near your location. They have different brands in store, including Hefty, and they are available in various lengths and sizes. In addition, you can find garbage bags in the cleaning supply aisle across all Publix stores.


Garbage bags make it easy to collect trash and dispose of it properly. It is advisable to replace the bags each time they are filled and avoid directly dropping liquid waste inside the bag. Liquid waste will affect the garbage bag and possibly make it smell.

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