Where to Find Yakisoba Noodles

Yakisoba is a scrumptious Japanese noodle stir-fry dish. It’s made from wheat flour, and flavored with pork, cabbage, onions and bean sprouts. The dish is also mixed with Yakisoba sauce. The sauce is a sweet tango of soy, ketchup, and Worcestershire sauces.

Yakisoba noodles in a wooden plate with chop sticks

If you’d like to buy fresh Yakisoba noodles at the grocery store, then check out the following aisles.

What aisle are Yakisoba noodles?

Yakisoba noodles are commonly in the International aisle of most grocery stores since they’re Asian food items. You’ll also find other noodles like Udon and Soba there. If you don’t, then check the Pasta aisle near the zucchini noodles.Pasta and noodles aisle in the grocery store

Another spot is the Refrigerator section. That’s where fresh Yakisoba noodles are pre-cooked and refrigerated. The refrigerated Yakisoba noodles are stored that way to keep them from spoiling.

Where can I buy Yakisoba noodles?

Asian supermarkets

Asian supermarkets carry Yakisoba noodles more than any other store. But if you’re not sure of where to look, here’s our list of top 10 Asian grocery stores in 2021.


Amazon is one of the largest stores online. It houses varieties of items from electronics to groceries. You should be able to find Yakisoba there, and here are our top three brand selections:

By The Cup Chopsticks and Soup Bundle - Maruchan Yakisoba Teriyaki Beef Flavor 4 Ounce Single Serving Home-style Japanese Noodles - (Pack of 8)
  • Maruchan Yakisoba Japanese Noodles with By The Cup Chopsticks
  • 8 - 4 ounce packs Teriyaki Beef flavored noodles
  • 2 sets of By The Cup Chopsticks
  • Just add water and microwave, Cooks in 4 minutes
  • Perfect for college dorm rooms; after school snack; college care packages; etc.

Myojo Ippei-chan Yakisoba Japanese Style Instant Noodles 134g, 3 Pack
  • Ippei-chan Yakisoba Japanese Style Instant Noodles
  • Net Wt: 134g
  • Product of Japan


Walmart sells brands like the Maruchan Yakisoba chicken flavor noodles. You can order online or purchase them in-store. Be sure to use Walmart’s online store locator to verify the availability of the noodles.

King Soopers

King Soopers is a brand name under Kroger, and its headquarters is in Denver, Colorado, USA. You’ll get the same cheap price deals there as you’ll get on Kroger.

There are also options for pickup and delivery.

Its online store locator will help you confirm the availability of the Yakisoba noodles.


Kroger is one of the best stores to buy Yakisoba noodles from at cheap prices. For $1.09, you can bag quality brands like the Maruchan Yakisoba noodles.

You can use Kroger’s online store locator to check the availability status and delivery options.


Meijer is another great store to buy fresh Yakisoba noodles for cheap prices. You can use the online store locator to verify the availability of the noodles before purchase.


At Safeway, there’s an International aisle where you can check for Yakisoba noodles. Alternatively, you can order for them online.


What are Yakisoba noodles made of?

Yakisoba noodles are made with wheat flour. The recipe commonly requires preparing them with Worcestershire sauce, pork or chicken, and vegetables.

Quite often, people confuse them for ramen, but the difference is clear. Ramen is a soup dish that incorporates noodles while Yakisoba noodles are stir-fry dishes.

Are Yakisoba noodles the same as ramen noodles?

No, Yakisoba noodles and ramen aren’t the same, though they’re similar.

Ramen noodles are thin and also come from wheat like Yakisoba. But in the making, producers mix the wheat with Kansui water and salt.

You can serve Ramen in varieties of broth, and dish Yakisoba as fried noodles from a pan.

Sometimes, you can even serve them with mayonnaise, pickle ginger, and seaweed sauce.

Can you substitute ramen noodles for Yakisoba?

Yes, you can substitute ramen noodles for Yakisoba noodles.

Ramen noodles are the closest lookalikes to Yakisoba. So you can use them if you don’t Yakisoba at the grocery store.

Alternatively, you can use Soba noodles or Japchae glass noodles. Japchae is the Korean stir-fry version of Chow Mein.

It’s got the sweetness and texture you need to replace Yakisoba noodles.

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