Does Walmart Pay Weekly?

Does Walmart pay weekly? Unfortunately, Walmart does not pay its employees weekly in 2022. Instead, it pays staff on a biweekly basis, having over 2 million employees. Due to this large number, the best way to ensure that all the staff gets paid correctly is after two weeks.

Thursday is the fixed payment date at Walmart. Although, this date may vary across stores. So its best to confirm by contacting them first.

As the cost of living is continuously on the rise and some bills need your attention, an extra job or better job will come in handy to settle them easier and faster. If you’re considering a Walmart career, you’ll learn how the store’s employee payment cycle runs as you read on. 

A little bit about Walmart 

Walmart has been around since 1962 and provides consumers with a large variety of products for everyday living, such as groceries, appliances, and apparel. It has 10,566 shops and clubs in 24 countries as of 2022, operating under 48 distinct names. 

The retailer is known as Walmart in the United States and Canada. In Mexico and Central America, it is known as Walmart de México y Centroamérica, and as Flipkart Wholesale in India. But it operates independently in Chile, Canada, and South Africa. 

In addition, Walmart is a multinational American company that sells goods to consumers from department stores and warehouse stores.

The company is known worldwide for its services rendered, in the US alone it has 8500+ stores and 2.3 million employees worldwide. Also, it is one of the largest employers in the USA.

How does Walmart keep track of employee hours?

Walmart uses a time card system for tracking the number of hours employees work at the store. Workers are expected to clock in and out with the electronic card. This card records the dates and hours worked daily and marks your attendance. 

Walmart electronic time cards product
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Also, Walmart recently started offering its employees a faster way to get paid before their actual payday. Employees can use a financial planning platform known as “Even”. 

The app allows employees to manage when and how they receive their paychecks, and you can receive a certain percentage of your pay before the day you normally get paid. 

This feature is important for days when unexpected expenses may arise. The Even app is a financial planning app for managing money more responsibly and saving for the future. It’s just like having a portable financial advisor in your pocket.

Your first paycheck at Walmart

If you begin work at Walmart after or while pay is ongoing for old employees, you may have to wait until the next pay period to receive your paycheck. 

One reason for this is that it takes time to process everyone’s hours and ensure that the correct amounts are being paid. Second, it takes time to get new employees set up in the payroll system.

Third, you get paid for the work you’ve done two weeks before the date and not for work you’ve done for one, two, or three days.


Walmart employs a bi-weekly pay period system because of the complexities of handling employee expenses. This method helps them manage budgets with accuracy.

Though you might prefer getting paid every week, getting paid bi-weekly is another great option as it teaches you how to manage and spend wisely and responsibly. We hope you find this post helpful!

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