Does Walmart Accept Google Pay?

Walmart doesn’t accept Google Pay, and here’s why. It prevents the store from getting access to your personal data, which gives the store insights on how people shop and what they buy. You’ll learn how this works as you read on.

Why doesn’t Walmart accept NFC payments like Google Pay?

When you pay with other acceptable payments at Walmart (Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, and Amex debit and credit cards) it allows the store to capture your personal data. 

For example, if you’re shopping online, Walmart will learn what type of products you’re ordering. This will allow the store to provide services and recommend products just for you. They can’t do all this if you’re paying with third-party mobile apps.

While this may sound like a problem for most shoppers, it’s not all bad news. On the bright side, Walmart has its own mobile wallet, which allows everybody to win. You get to pay with a digital wallet and the store keeps your data. 

Does Walmart allow you to pay with your phone?

Walmart allows you to pay with your phone, but not with Google or Samsung Pay. Instead, the store has its own hands-free payment app known as Walmart Pay

Though Walmart Pay doesn’t operate on the Near-Field Communication (NFC) technology like Google Pay and is only acceptable at Walmart stores. But that doesn’t include Sam’s Club, even though it’s owned by Walmart Inc.

Walmart Pay uses a QR code system that still allows you to make contactless payment with your smartphone. All you need to do is download the app from your Android or Apple store, for starters. 

Then you can connect your Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover, Walmart Gift Cards, eGift Cards, and prepaid credit cards for easy and fast payment. Once you’re at the checkout station, you just need to scan the QR code on the screen and you’re good to go.

Person using Walmart Pay at self checkout
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What can you use Walmart Pay for?

You can pay for any item at Walmart, both online and in-store. That includes regular grocery items like fresh produce, meat, dairy and bread, toiletries, clothes and more.

You can also pay for alcohol and cigarette products, provided you’re at the legal age to do so. The store will obviously have to ask you for an Identification card to prove it.

But it’s best to do your research on state laws and how they control alcohol and tobacco sales in your location. Also contact Walmart to confirm that you can use your Walmart Pay app to make such purchases, as not all stores may be on the same page about it.

The only things you can’t use Walmart Pay for is gas or fuel, Sam Club’s purchases and purchases made with EBT, WIC or SNAP.


So there you have it. Walmart doesn’t accept Google Pay. But you can still make contactless payment with Walmart Pay. Currently, Walmart has no plans to integrate third-party systems into its stores. So you’d have to turn to other stores that accept Google Pay.