Does Target charge for curbside pickup?

Target’s curbside pickup service is called ‘Drive Up’ — and it’s free. The contactless delivery system allows you to shop without entering a store building. You can avoid the noise and rush of grocery shopping, and also prevent impulse buying. If you want to know how Target’s Drive Up service works, keep reading. 

What is Target Drive Up?

Drive Up is Target’s unique curbside delivery service. You can buy any grocery item you want from the store’s mobile app. When the store employees have packaged your order at the store, they will notify you via email or notification on your app. Then you can drive to the location you choose during the online checkout process. 

Target has a special parking lot reserved for Drive Up customers. Once you get there, the employees will load your vehicle into your car after verifying your Drive Up barcode. 

Drive Up is different from Order Pickup, another Target service that’s similar to Drive Up. The difference is that Drive Up requires employees to drop your order into your vehicle. In Order Pickup, you have to walk into the store building and pick up orders yourself. Order Pickups are usually attended to at the Guest Services of most Target stores. Since grocery store layouts change frequently, you may want to ask for directions from an employee.

Currently, Drive Up is only available on Target’s mobile app. If for some reason you can’t download and install the app, you can use Order Pickup on Target’s website instead.

Does Target charge for curbside pickup with Drive Up?

Target does not charge you for any of its curbside pickup services. Both services are free, although some Target stores may charge you for shopping bags. Besides that, you only have to make payment for any items you place orders for on the website or app before Target can process them for pickup.  There’s also no minimum order requirement, so you’re free to checkout items worth any amount.

Drive Up curbside pickup information page on Target website

When you add a card as your payment method during checkout, Target will place a temporary authorization hold on your card. The reason for the hold is to ensure that you actually have money in your account to cover the costs of your order. 

Once Target confirms that the money for the items is in your account, the store will deduct it, mark your order as ‘Ready for pickup’, then remove the hold. If you don’t have sufficient funds in your account or your card is not functional, Target will cancel the order. You may have to use another card or contact the store for assistance. 

Do Target employees accept tips for Drive Up?

Target is not against tipping. If you’re happy with the Drive Up service, you can give your Target shopper money as a ‘thank you’ gesture. According to Target:

We encourage you to tip your shopper as well as rate them. Shoppers receive 100% of their tips, but all other feedback and ratings are anonymous.

Besides cash, you can tip your Target shopper from the Orders menu on the website or from the Purchases menu on the mobile app. You can tip the shoppers after your order is completed.

What happens if you don’t pick up your Target Drive Up order?

You have three days to pick up your order from the selected Target location. After three days, the store will cancel your order and process a refund to the payment method you used. 

If your order contains perishable food items like tomatoes and meat, Target may hold it until the end of the next business day. If you still don’t pick up by then, the store will cancel the order. But you won’t get a full refund.

Fortunately, Target offers an extension option that allows you to hold your order for three more days. But you must use the option before your pickup window expires. You can find the option to do so in the Order details menu on Target’s website or mobile app. 

Can you cancel a drive up at Target?

Before your pickup window expires, you will have the chance to cancel your order. You can cancel your order at the Guest Services section of any Target store, or call them on the phone. If you prefer to go there in person, take your Drive Up barcode and a means of identification along. 

Alternatively, you can just ignore the order until the pickup window closes in three days. Target will cancel the order for you and initiate a refund. 

As for modifying orders, Target doesn’t let you change them after marking them as ‘Ready for pickup’. If you forgot to include an item, you just have to place a separate order and pick them up at the same time.

Can you return a pickup from Target?

Target’s return policy states that you can return any unopened item still in good condition within 90 days of purchase. The store will give you a full refund or allow you to exchange the item for something else. However, you need to provide the receipt as proof of purchase and your Drive Up barcode at the physical store.

For online returns, you don’t need a means of identification since your order details are already stored on the app or website. Target will give you a return mailing label and email instructions if you decide to ship the items back. 

Sometimes, Target will refund you before the item reaches their store. But if they find defects on the product, they can retrieve the refund from your payment method. Target doesn’t do refunds for damaged or opened products. Also, Target may not give you a refund if you’ve lost the receipt for your purchase.


Target’s Drive Up offers you a comfortable way to shop. All you need to pay for is the items you order online, and your order will be ready on the same-day. An employee will be waiting for you at the store to load your vehicle with your items, and it’s as simple as that. 

The only major drawback to using the pickup service is the mobile app limitation. Unless you own a smartphone or tablet that can download the Target app, you won’t be able to use Drive Up on the website. If you need more options to help you shop with ease, you can view our top 6 food delivery apps here.