Does Safeway Make Custom Cakes?

Safeway has custom cakes for sale at most of its stores. If you have an occasion coming up, Safeway is one of the best sources for pastries and baked goods. 

The store makes cake for weddings, baby showers, birthdays, anniversaries, and more. You can pick the size, flavor, filling, icing and special message to be written on the cake. They also come with free candles for decoration.

Keep reading this post to learn the prices for Safeway custom cakes and more. 

Does Safeway have custom cakes ready-to-go?

When you place an order for Safeway’s pre-made cakes, the bakers only need to add your requested designs to the cake and package it for pickup. This should take a few hours, but your order will be ready within 24 hours. If you ask them to bake you a cake from scratch, this could take longer.

The price of Safeway’s custom cakes depends on the size you want and the designs you choose. But the average prices for Safeway custom cakes are as shown below. Note that these prices may change subsequently as Safeway holds the right to update product prices:

  • Plain round or ⅛ slab cakes $18.99
  • ⅛ sheet cakes $35.99
  • ½ sheet cakes –  $45.99
  • Full sheet cakes $64.99

Safeway has varieties of flavors and fillings to choose from, including Vanilla buttercream, German chocolate, Apple and cherry fillings, Artesana cream and more. If you don’t find the fillings you like on the website, you can call or visit the store to discuss the possibility of getting it.

Safeway can also put pictures of celebrants on cakes. So if you need one printed on your cake, you’ll have to bring the photo to the store and place your order. Preferably, go along with a hard copy and not photos saved on your phone. 

Does Safeway sell custom cakes online?

You can place orders for Safeway custom cakes online. But you’d have to visit the physical stores to pick up your cake. Although Safeway doesn’t say why there’s no joke delivery option for custom cakes on its website, one likely reason is to prevent damages. 

Your cake could easily get smudged or ruined inside a hot bag, especially if your DoorDash driver is reckless. So it’s best to pick it up yourself at the store.

Although Safeway can’t deliver custom cakes to your apartment, you can order pre-made cakes from the regular cake section on the website. Those cakes are eligible for both home delivery and curbside pickup. On the other hand, custom cakes are under the “Order Ahead” tab on the website.

How to order Safeway custom cakes

Step #1: Call a Safeway store

Safeway has an online locator on its website. You can use it to find a Safeway store near you. You’ll also find other important information, such as the store’s operation hours and phone number. 

Safeway's store locator page
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Call the number and ask to speak with the bakers available to place your order. They’ll tell you how to pay, when and how to pick up your custom cake. 

Step #2: Order Safeway custom cakes online

Safeway custom cakes usually take time to be designed and prepared for pickup. So you won’t find them in the regular cake section on the website. So go to Safeway’s website homepage. Tap on the menu icon and select “Order Ahead“. On laptops, you’ll find it under the “Shop” tab. 

Safeway website homepage
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Tap “Cakes” to view a list of custom cakes. Then tap “View Item” to personalize the cake. 

On the Cake information page, you’ll see options to select your Cake filling, flavor, and quantity, as well as type your personalized message and instructions. When you’re through customizing your cake, select “Add to Order” and confirm your order. 

Safeway custom cake order online
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Tap on the shopping bag icon to select your pickup date and time. You’ll also find a form to fill your contact information. Tap “Send order” when you’ve filled it.

Safeway cake order review page
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Step #3: Visit the store

Safeway has a Bakery department in most stores. When you visit one, ask any of the employees to guide you there. You can speak to the bakers directly about your cake specifications. They’ll offer you a cake catalog to help you make a choice and place your order faster.


Safeway offers a wide variety of designs and flavors for custom cake orders. If you’d like to place an order, the stores typically open from 7 AM to 7 PM every day. But ensure to call the store beforehand to confirm their operation hours. 

We hope you find this post helpful!

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