Does Safeway Have Student Discount?

Student life is tough. It’s easy to buckle under the pressure when you combine expenses and hectic class schedules. While you may not have control of the education system, you are in charge of your personal decisions towards saving money as a student

If you’re a lavish spender, transitioning to the budget-shopper life may be depressing for you. Luckily, grocery stores and supermarkets like Safeway exist to cut some costs from your living expenses. 

Safeway offers discounts for students looking to shop on a budget. This post will explore all the essential details about Safeway student discount policies.

Does Safeway have a student discount?

Safeway student discount is 5% off in-store purchases. Unfortunately, the store doesn’t offer student discounts online. But it provides special promos and coupons online via the app. 

Yellow 5% discount post-it note

You still can’t apply them to products on the website as Safeway’s coupon policy prohibits it. But you can print them at home and present them at the store.

Note that coupon policies vary across Safeway locations. So you may not be able to use your coupons in every Safeway store. For example, Safeway’s American website coupons may not be accepted in Canadian stores.

Though many third-party websites offer Safeway coupons, we don’t recommend using them. Safeway doesn’t accept coupons from such sites. The store will only accept manufacturer coupons or coupons issued directly by Safeway employees. 

While Safeway offers discounts for students, the store’s policies vary across locations. Ensure to contact the store to verify if they offer student discounts before going there yourself. 

Additionally, Safeway offers back-to-school sales. So you can get the following school supplies for lower prices:


  • Notebooks
  • Glue & post-it notes
  • Markers, colored & mechanical pencils  
  • Ballpoint pens 
  • Binders 

Food & snack items

  • Nutri-Grain, belVita breakfast & Rice Krispie bars
  • Pop-Tarts 
  • Signature bacon 
  • Quaker Oats
  • Lucerne milk  
  • Pancake mixes
  • Gatorade 
  • Thomas Bagels 

How can I get a Safeway student discount?

To get a Safeway student discount, all you need to do is go to a Safeway store near you. Click on this link to access the website’s locator feature. It should show you the store’s operating hours and contact information.

Safeway store locator page on the website
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Go to the Customer service desk and present your valid Student ID to the Customer service representatives. You can ask for directions from any employee you see there. The Customer service representatives will check that your ID is valid, and then you can begin shopping at a discount. 


Now you know that Safeway offers student discounts. You can download the Safeway app to stay updated on special offers to help you save. The store also keeps signage outside the store to let passersby know when they’re offering discounts and deals.

Safeway discounts are subject to change at any time. So it would be best if you don’t hesitate on the offers as they’re not always available. While Safeway’s 5% discount is fair, it might not be enough to sustain you. You can apply for Safeway’s loyalty program, Safeway for U

Safeway for U members can earn points on eligible purchases and access weekly personalized deals. You will also get discounts on groceries and gas, among other perks.

We hope you find this post helpful!

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