Does Safeway Fill Helium Balloons?

Safeway fills helium balloons at the Checkout stations of most stores. For balloon bouquets, check the Floral and Gift department. The store charges $2 per balloon, but the price may vary according to the size. You can get your balloon filled for free if you buy them from Safeway. 

Keep reading this post to learn how much Safeway stores charge for filling different balloon sizes.

Does Safeway fill helium balloons for free?

Safe fills helium balloons for free if you buy the balloons from them. Safeway sells Latex and Mylar balloons. You can find them at the Checkout stations in single units. If you want balloon bouquets, then check the Floral and Gift department.

These sections can change at any time, as most grocery stores are fond of changing their layouts. So if you don’t find the balloons there, ask a random employee or go to the Customer service desk for guidance.

But if you bought the balloons from another store like Kroger or Meijer, then Safeway will charge you for the helium. Below are the average prices for helium balloons at Safeway. Note that these prices can change at any time as Safeway holds the right to alter them:

  • 18 inches balloons $2
  • Medium-sized balloons $4
  • Large balloons $10

Safeway also sells inflated balloons, but they’re on the pricier side. The average price for pre-filled balloons at Safeway is $69.99 for a bouquet of nine balloons. You can also get assorted shaped balloons for special occasions starting at 14.99.

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What other stores fill helium balloons?


Walmart fills balloons for $0.25 per unit. But unlike other stores, they don’t fill balloons purchased elsewhere. So you’ll have to buy Walmart balloons before the store agrees to fill them. The store also sells helium tanks for customers to fill balloons themselves at home. 


Publix fills balloons bought from their stores for free. They won’t fill balloons bought from any other store.


Kroger fills Latex balloons for $1 on average, while filling Mylar balloons starts from $3. These prices affect balloons not purchased from the stores. Filling balloons at Kroger is free if you buy the balloons from there. Check the Floral department to access balloon filling services. 


Some Meijer locations fill helium balloons. It’s best to call the store beforehand to confirm. They keep the pre-inflated balloon bouquets in the Party aisle. For filling balloons bought from another store, go to the Flower department. 

Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree sells pre-inflated Latex and foil balloons for around $1.25 per unit. But like Safeway, Dollar Tree doesn’t fill balloons from other stores for free. Instead, they’ll charge you $1. 


Most Safeway stores fill balloons with helium. But remember, it’s free if you buy the balloon from Safeway. If you purchased it from any other store, Safeway would charge you from $2 to $10, depending on the size. 

Ensure to contact the store beforehand to know if they’re available to fill your balloons. We hope you find this post helpful!

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