Does Kroger Accept Apple Pay?

Kroger is one of the most popular, as well as largest, supermarkets in the United States of America. What we love about it is that besides having over 3000 outlets spread across the country, it also hosts subsidiaries like Ralphs, Home Chef, and Fred Meyer.

Front view of Kroger store building

Kroger’s products are of top-notch quality and if you find yourself at any of the stores, you’re sure to have a great experience.

But before heading there, it’s important to ask yourself one important question: does Kroger accept Apple pay?

What is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is brought to you by Apple, and it’s what will put the wallet at the back pocket of your Jeans out of business.

Apple Pay is a one-step solution that runs on Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, and is a secure electronic payment system used by over 80 million people in the USA. 

Man holding iPhone close to a POS machine

It allows for contactless shopping with most iPhone devices, and even the Apple iWatch. That means, no more searching desperately for credit cards swallowed by your purse every time you want to check out your items. 

Besides acting as a wallet, Apple Pay also allows you to send money to a stranded loved one easily. All you need to do is download the app from the Apple Store and you’re good to go.

Does Kroger accept Apple pay?

Unfortunately, Kroger does not accept Apple Pay as a payment method, which is quite a disappointment to most iOS users.

Although Kroger once gave Apple Pay and Google Pay a trial run to test the compatibility with its system, the final decision resulted in Kroger abandoning those payment systems completely.

That is to say if you find yourself at the checkout counter of a Kroger supermarket, you better have your wallet nearby.

And if you’re thinking of using Google Pay and Samsung Pay as an alternative, you still won’t be able to secure your items as Kroger also doesn’t accept those.

Fortunately, Kroger happens to have its own e-wallet feature you can use as an alternative; Kroger Pay.

What is Kroger Pay?

As part of its efforts to keep the COVID-19 pandemic far away from its customers, Kroger has now made its very own contactless payment service available to all customers.

It’s called the Kroger Pay app, and as a bonus to being an e-wallet, you can earn special points and rewards with it.

You’re eligible to earn those points and rewards when you link your Kroger Rewards card to the app.

Kroger Pay is accessible for both the Android and iOS platforms, and can easily be installed from the Apple store and Google Play store.

Which grocery stores use Apple Pay?

If you’re eager to test out your Apple Pay app, here are some other supermarkets and websites you can shop at:

Stores that don’t use Apple Pay

Besides Kroger, the following grocery stores also don’t accept the use of Apple Pay:

  • K-Mart
  • Walmart
  • Lowe’s
  • Home Depot
  • Bed Bath & Beyond

Though the above stores don’t accept Apple Pay, some utilize other forms of contactless or cashless payment methods.

So even though you can’t use Apple Pay, there are other alternatives like Google Pay and Samsung Pay.

What other payment methods does Kroger accept?

Besides Kroger Pay, you can purchase goods with your debit and credit cards. 

Hand holding four credit cards against a white background

Kroger also accepts Amex, and here’s why more retailers like it are accepting American Express.

 Additionally, the store acknowledges personal checks, as well as cash payment. But if you’d prefer to cash a check, you can cash checks of up to $2,000 for a service charge of about $3, and $5,000 around a $6 charge.

You’ll need to provide certain documents or cards for identification purposes and for security reasons. The documents may include your driver’s license, state issued ID, your payroll, tax refund, business and insurance settlement checks, etc.

Kroger doesn’t accept starter, personal or third party checks, so you might want to ditch those before you get to any of the stores.

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