Does Aldi Take Coupons?

If you’re a regular shopper like me, you’re probably always in search of the best prices and deals at grocery stores. In that aspect, stores like Aldi have you covered. It’s no secret how Aldi has a low price margin, making it the ideal store for budget shoppers.

But even with the prices set lower than most other stores, avid couponers still try to cut down Aldi prices further. Unfortunately, if you’re one of them, you’re in for a disappointment. Aldi does not give discounts, nor does it accept coupons. Whether the store plans to change this policy in the future is unknown to us.

Since Aldi doesn’t take coupons, what about manufacturer coupons? Don’t they count for anything? 

Let’s find out.

Does Aldi take manufacturer coupons?

Aldi prides itself on offering the best prices and deals for products. Their products are up to 50% cheaper than most other grocery stores. This is because Aldi always negotiates the best prices from suppliers and manufacturers when purchasing popular name-brand products. For this reason, Aldi is not able to accept manufacturer coupons.

Multiple coupons mixed up together

Manufacturer coupons are coupons offered by the maker or producer of a product. You can use them in stores that accept coupons regularly. Since stores like Aldi don’t accept them, here are seven places to check for manufacturer coupons.

Most of the product selections at Aldi exclusively belong to the store. In other words, you can’t find the same quality elsewhere. This is because the product was made specially for the store. Hence, manufacturer coupons don’t apply to them. 

Does Aldi ever issue coupons, and how can I get one?

Aldi takes pride in making shopping affordable. Because of that, they don’t issue coupons. But there are exceptions.

On some occasions, Aldi may offer coupons or regional promotions tied to an event. An example of this is the grand opening of an Aldi store. To get your hands on these coupons, be sure to sign up for Aldi email newsletters. This will alert you whenever the store is running special promotions and sales.

You can also visit any Aldi store near you to get information on special promotions.

Does Aldi take shopping vouchers? 

Aldi takes vouchers, and it also offers shopping vouchers. This is a great way to pay for your items during checkout. 

Vouchers are a cashless payment option that you can easily send or receive. They work similarly to gift cards. The significant difference is that you can use gift cards to shop for most grocery store items. But you might be wondering, “isn’t this a coupon?”.

While they sound strikingly similar, coupons are longer lasting. Shopping doesn’t end until you exhaust the funds in your balance. But with vouchers, you only get a one-time discount on an item or you can choose a free sample of a product once. But overall, both cards help you knock off some percentage off your purchase. E.g., 10% off.  

Aldi vouchers: Types of vouchers available

There are two types of vouchers at Aldi; blue and orange vouchers. Here’s what you can purchase with both vouchers in your possession:

Blue and orange voucher information page on Aldi's website
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Blue Aldi voucher

Orange Aldi voucher

  • Grocery items
  • Toiletries. E.g., soap, tissue paper, etc.
  • Home essentials
  • Alcohol and lottery items

Both the blue and the yellow voucher cards expire after five years whether you use them or not. 

Does Aldi take gift cards?

Aldi accepts and sells gift cards. They are available for purchase in all Aldi stores within Australia. The gift cards are available for purchase in denominations of $20, $50, and $100. Currently, they are not available for sale online. 

Additionally, you can’t use Aldi gift cards to buy other gift cards. They are also not reloadable, so you can’t top up your card once it’s empty. So you will need to get another gift card if you wish to continue shopping with them. Aldi gift cards are also not replaceable when lost. So you’ll need to store them carefully to prevent loss or theft.

On the bright side, gift cards can’t expire. So as long as you’ve still got funds in your gift card balance, then the card remains active for use.

Just a recap!

Does Aldi take coupons? No, Aldi doesn’t take coupons or even manufacturer coupons. However, the store accepts vouchers and gift cards.

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