Does Aldi Sell Flowers?

Does Aldi sell flowers? Yes, Aldi sells flowers. The store sells both artificial and natural flowers. So if you’re looking for real flowers to surprise your loved ones with, we’ll show you how to purchase them at Aldi. 

In terms of variety, Aldi has it all. If you want a bouquet of roses or less cliché types. Aldi also sells seasonal flowers like hydrangeas, azaleas, hyacinths, and snapdragons. These flowers grow primarily in the summertime. You can also purchase flower seeds to grow at home. Unfortunately, the store mostly rolls them out among Specialbuys items. 

So when the store runs out of them, the chances of restocking are low. Besides colorful flowers, Aldi is also home to unique potted plants. The store sells House Aloe, Ferns, Cacti, and Primula.

Flowers you can get every day at the store include daffodils, daisies, tulips, and so on. You can purchase them in varieties or bouquets of the same flower. For example, you can either buy one bouquet of daffodils or one containing daisies, tulips, daffodils, and other flowers.

How much do Aldi flowers cost?

Everyday bouquets at Aldi cost $3.99, regardless of the flowers included. Larger bouquets cost $8 and span upwards to $20. If you want the flowers in a pot, pitted Aldi flowers cost $2.50 and can span up to $13. 

Small flower bouquet in a teal jug

Flowers at Aldi don’t usually have their own aisles. So if you want to find them, head straight for the checkout or cashier area. The store places them there so that shoppers can easily spot them. 

As for potted or hanging flower baskets, the store reserves a special case or display shelf for them. This shelf is usually placed at the store’s focal points to attract attention. But if you don’t find them in any of these places, feel free to ask the store’s employees for directions.

Where does Aldi get their flowers from?

Aldi’s official Facebook account confirmed that the store sources its flowers from Kenya in reply to a customer’s comment. Aldi also works closely with other Australian farmers to buy as many Australian-grown flowers and plants as possible. 

This news sparked a feeling of outrage among customers in the past. Customers were shocked to learn that the cheapest grocery store worldwide doesn’t grow its flowers locally. Customers also pushed for the store to begin producing its flowers.

While many customers are voicing their disapproval of Aldi’s flower source, other customers don’t mind. Some shoppers have expressed their love for the quality of Aldi’s flowers. In addition, some claimed that the flowers could last for up to two weeks after purchase.

Does Aldi have hanging baskets?

Hanging baskets are just as the name implies. They are flower baskets that you can hang on the walls of your house. Aldi hanging baskets are only available for online purchase. Currently, they are no longer available. 

White hanging basket with green plant inside

The store usually sells them in packs of two identical wooden baskets. Whether Aldi plans to bring them back is yet unknown to us. But you can keep an eye out on the website for information on when the baskets will be back in stock.

If you decide to check other online stores for hanging flower baskets, check out Amazon. Amazon is the largest online store worldwide. So you’d be sure to find the baskets there.

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Does Aldi deliver flowers?

As a standalone store, Aldi doesn’t do deliveries. So if you need to go shopping, you’d have to go to the physical stores. But thanks to a partnership with Instacart, Aldi now offers home delivery options. So you can order your flowers online, and an Instacart driver will bring them to your doorstep.

Instacart delivers to every location, regardless of your house type. So whether you live in a hostel, apartment or hotel, your driver will bring your flowers to you. Just ensure to leave drop-off instructions for the driver. For example, leave the flowers on your porch, at the check-in desk, or with your security guard.

If you prefer to pick up your flowers at the store, Aldi also offers curbside pickup. So you can drive to the store without going in. Then, while you wait at the parking lot, an Aldi employee will bring the flowers to your car.

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