Does Aldi Have Bags?

Does Aldi have bags? Yes, Aldi has shopping bags. So you don’t need to bring your personal bags from home. However, Aldi bags aren’t free. 

You’d have to pay for each bag used to pack all your purchased items. This is because the store already has a low profit margin. To avoid extra costs and make more money, Aldi charges customers for shopping bags.

Depending on the location of the Aldi store, shopping bag prices may vary. They also depend on the type of shopping bag. Aldi has reusable tote, plastic, and paper bags, ranging from $0.08 to $1.99. Aldi also has the pricier insulated bags, which cost $6.99.

Keep reading if you’d like to learn more about Aldi’s shopping bags. We’ll also show you what aisles or sections of the grocery store to find them in.

What types of shopping bags does Aldi have?

Aldi has three types of shopping bags. They include the following:

Paper bags

Brown paper bag

Paper bags are just as they sound. They are made with paper, and they cost $0.08 at Aldi. They are strong enough to carry groceries, plastic and glass bottles, clothing, books, toiletries, and small-sized electronic devices.

You should be able to use paper bags for two or three trips to the grocery store. That is, if you don’t get them wet and if you hold them carefully with both hands and support the bottom. This will prevent you from accidentally ripping off the fragile handles or your groceries from tearing through the bottom.

Though they are not as strong as tote or plastic bags, paper bags are an environmentally friendly shopping option. Once you no longer need them, you can take them to a recycling center. 

Plastic bags

Man holding plastic bag with groceries inside

Plastic bags at Aldi cost $0.10. Like most plastic bags, they are made with polyethylene, making them highly durable. So you can use them more times than a paper bag. E.g., four times. Avoid sharp objects that can rip a hole in the bags and ruin them.

Tote bags

Person carrying a white tote bag

Tote bags are commonly made with canvas, jute, and nylon materials. These materials give them a cloth-like texture and durability. You can wash and reuse them. But prolonged exposure to sunlight and continuous washing can degrade their quality. The good news is that like plastic and paper bags, you can recycle them. 

Insulated bags

Aldi insulated bag
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These shopping bags are perfect for carrying cold items. So if you plan to buy frozen meat, yogurts, and other items from the refrigerator section of the grocery store, this is the bag you need. They cost $6.99, which is quite pricey compared to the others. What makes them worth it is that they’re larger. You can also reuse them multiple times and even take them with you on long trips.

Where to find shopping bags at Aldi?

Most of Aldi’s shopping bags are in the checkout area. Depending on the store’s layout, you may see them hanging beside the checkout conveyor belt. 

If you don’t find the shopping bags there, ask the cashier. They will direct you to the correct aisle or location. Some Aldi stores may keep their insulated bags near the Refrigerator section. 

If you decide not to buy a shopping bag, you can use empty product boxes instead. You may find them piled on the floor, into an empty cart in a corner, or on shelves. Empty boxes at Aldi are free, so you don’t have to worry about paying any fees.

Do I have to bring my personal shopping bag to Aldi?

Bringing your personal shopping bag to Aldi isn’t compulsory. However, Aldi recommends that you do. Not only will you save costs, but it’s also an environmentally friendly option. 

You won’t have more paper bags than you can count, and you wouldn’t need to trash them. This reduces the chances of them ending up in landfills and contributing to pollution.

Since Aldi is already going to great lengths to reduce product prices, it’s fair that they would charge you for their bags. Aldi also charges you for using its shopping carts. But the store returns your money when you place the carts back in their proper position. This policy ensures that customers stay organized and reduce the workload of their cart pushers.

Key takeaway

  • Does Aldi have bags? Yes, Aldi has shopping bags. But they are not free. Customers have to pay for each bag used to carry their purchases out of the store.
  • Aldi charges for shopping bags because of its low price margin. Aldi recommends that customers bring their own bags to save costs and protect the environment.
  • Aldi has four types of shopping bags: plastic, paper, tote, and insulated bags. Their prices range from $0.08 to $6.99. 
  • Bringing shopping bags to Aldi stores isn’t compulsory. Customers can find empty product boxes in the store instead. The product boxes are free to use.

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