Does Aldi charge for curbside pickup?

Aldi charges you for every curbside pickup order. The purpose of the cost is to pay the curbside shoppers responsible for fulfilling your order. Also, Aldi will charge you for bags used to package your items. Depending on which bags the shoppers use, you could pay up to $6.99.

Unfortunately, you can’t bring your own bags to an Aldi curbside pickup because the shoppers prepare and bag your order before notifying you. But the cost of Aldi bags isn’t so much.

As you read on, you’ll learn the prices of curbside pickup and shopping bags at Aldi stores.

What is Aldi curbside grocery pickup?

Aldi curbside grocery pickup is a service that allows you to pay for grocery items online, and then go to an Aldi store to pick them up. The store is in partnership with Instacart, a grocery delivery service, to make this service possible.

Unlike traditional delivery systems, Aldi stores won’t bring your order to your doorstep. Instead, your personal shoppers will have it waiting for you at the store. Typically, Aldi curbside shoppers will load your purchase into your vehicle outside the store building or the special parking lot reserved for curbside pickup customers.

Curbside pickup helps you evade long checkout lines. If you’re antisocial and you dread bumping into people at the grocery store, then curbside pickup is for you. However, it’s costlier than doing the shopping yourself.

How does Aldi delivery on Instacart work?

The Aldi website doesn’t allow you to place orders. You’ll need to use the official Instacart app or website to do that. It’s like shopping from any online store. After adding items to your virtual shopping cart, you’ll need to locate an Aldi store near you where you can go to pick up your order. You can also choose a pickup time from available options, which is convenient if you have a busy schedule. 

Aldi delivery page on Instacart website

Once you place your order and make payment, the Instacart app or website transfers it to an available Aldi employee. You can watch in real-time as the employee is fulfilling the order until the moment it’s ready for pickup. 

You can also chat with your personal shopper and discuss food substitutions in case an item is out of stock. If that is ever the case, you should know that Aldi restocks specialty items every Wednesday morning. You should target that day for better luck when shopping.

Your selected Aldi will notify you that it is ready for pickup. All you need to do is go there and an employee will be waiting for you at the blue parking spaces reserved for curbside pickup orders.

How much does Aldi charge for curbside pickup?

Aldi will charge you $3.99 if your order is below $35. If your order is worth $35 or above, then Aldi will charge you $1.99. You’re paying these fees to enjoy the luxury of not having to do the shopping yourself. But that’s not all.

Aldi doesn’t give out its shopping bags for free. Normally, you can bring your own paper or leather bags from home and avoid the costs, but since your personal shoppers already use a bag from the store to package your order before you arrive, you’ll just have to pay for it. 

You may decide to get crafty and tell your personal shopper to wait until you bring your own bags, but the chances of that happening are zero. Below are the prices for Aldi shopping bags.

Note: The prices for shopping bags may vary according to the store location. Aldi reserves the right to alter their prices at any time. Additionally, the fee for shopping bags may differ from regular store prices during online checkout. 
  • Paper bags: $0.08
  • Plastic bags: $0.10
  • Tote bags: $1.99
  • Insulated bags: $6.99

Are you supposed to tip Aldi grocery pickup?

Aldi prohibits customers from tipping curbside shoppers, and many of their employees have confirmed it. According to the store:

We appreciate the gesture, but please do not tip ALDI Curbside Shoppers. Tips are not accepted.

Aldi does not offer any further explanation as to why their employees can’t accept tips. While this information may sound discouraging to prospective Aldi employees, the retail giant does pay its employees pretty well. Glassdoor reveals that the average Store Associate at Aldi earns roughly $31,028 annually.

Does Aldi accept EBT for curbside pickup?

Aldi accepts Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) cards as payment for instore and online purchases. You can use your card to pay for eligible items that Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) has approved. 

ALDI EBT online page

However, you can’t use your EBT card to pay for non-eligible SNAP items like taxes and service or delivery fees. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) prohibits paying for deliveries and curbside pickup with EBT cards.

That said, you can’t pay the fees attached to your curbside pickup service or for the shoppings bags used to carry your purchases. You’ll need to add another card during checkout to cover those costs separately.


Aldi is popular for its low prices and costs-saving deals. The store is also a one-stop option for customers who prioritize variety when going grocery shopping. You can buy anything from fresh milk, bread, cheeses and even potted flowers and plants. 

Through Aldi’s partnership with Instacart, you can now enjoy home delivery and curbside pickup options at your convenience. Though these options are costlier than doing the shopping yourself, they’re worth it if you’re not a fan of crowds or you’re too busy to go to the store. 

You can receive orders at your apartment or pick them up at the store without going into the building.