Does Aldi Accept EBT?

Does Aldi accept EBT in store? Aldi accepts EBT cards in all its physical stores and online. So you’re not forced to drive to the brick-and-mortar outlets to pick up items. You can also pay for groceries with your SNAP EBT card, and they would be delivered to your home through Instacart.

The SNAP Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card is an electronic card like your typical debit and credit cards. It’s pre-loaded with funds and issued by the government to low income earners and struggling families. The SNAP EBT card allows them to buy food items from grocery stores and supermarkets.

Keep reading this post to learn more about using your SNAP EBT cards at Aldi stores.

What Can You Buy With Your SNAP EBT Card at Aldi?

You can buy all the eligible food items approved by the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). That includes fruits and vegetables, meat, fish, breads, and dairy.

You can also buy seeds and plants that sprout food. So you can grow your own food at home, especially if you’re skeptical of the ones you buy from stores. 

As for what you can’t buy, Aldi doesn’t allow customers to purchase beer, wine, liquor, cigarettes, tobacco, and all other items listed as ineligible by the SNAP. So if you need to buy these items, you’d have to use another card like your debit card or pay in cash. Aldi doesn’t take checks and manufacturers’ coupons.

Additionally, since states in the USA have varying laws on the sale of alcohol, you might want to do your research on local regulations in your location. It will help you avoid attracting heavy fines or jail time. 

How to Order SNAP EBT Eligible Items from Aldi With Instacart

1. Create an Instacart account

If you haven’t already, head to the Instacart homepage and click on “Sign Up“. Instacart allows you to create a new account using your existing Google and Facebook profiles. You can also use your phone number.

Instacart's website homepage
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2. Set up your SNAP EBT card

Tap the menu icon on the left side of your screen. Then go to “Your account settings>Account settings“. 

Tap “Add EBT SNAP card” under the “EBT SNAP settings” section, and enter your card information. 

Instacart Account settings page
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3. Order Away!

Once you’ve added your EBT card to your Account settings, scroll down and tap the Zip code section under the Instacart logo.

Changing user address from the Instacart Account settings page

Enter your address into the space provided or tap “Use current location” to allow the website detect where you are automatically. Using your address will allow Instacart’s website to show you Aldi stores nearby that accept EBT payment.

Search for “Aldi” to view stores around your preset location. You should see the “Accepts EBT” text beside the store name if they accept EBT.

Instacart store search results for Aldi
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Tap your preferred store and select a product. If the product you’ve selected is eligible for EBT purchase, you should see “EBT” under the image and item name. Select the quantity you need, then tap “Add to cart“. Tap the cart icon to view all the items you’ve selected.

Tomato product information page on Instacart

Then tap “Go to checkout” to proceed with your order. Follow the necessary prompts to complete your order information. For example, choose a pickup location and enter your phone number. Ensure to choose your EBT SNAP card as your preferred method. 

My personal Aldi cart on Instacart website
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When you’re done filling out all the information, tap “Place Order“. 


Aldi accepts SNAP EBT cards in its brick-and-mortar stores, as well as the online stores. Unlike Kroger that limits you to curbside pickup, you can pay for home delivery via Instacart with your EBT card. 

You are also allowed to add additional payment methods to your order. This is great if you want to get other ineligible items or your EBT card doesn’t have enough funds to cover the costs. Once that’s done, an Instacart driver will deliver your order to your apartment.

We hope you find this post helpful!