Do DoorDash Drivers Rate Customers?

You must be wondering what your DoorDash driver thinks of you. Are you a demanding customer or a generous tipper? Sadly, there’s no way to see what ratings DoorDash drivers give you. But do doordash drivers rate customers at all? The answer is no.

Only DoorDash customers can rate their delivery drivers. So you can be rest assured that delivery drivers aren’t marking you in their black or white books.

Can DoorDash drivers report customers?

DoorDash drivers can’t report customers. The best they can do is provide feedback on how the delivery went. This feature within the app allows them to describe their delivery experience in detail. For example, the process, the delays with a supermarket the customer ordered from, if the delivery was a success, etc.


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In other words, a DoorDash driver can talk about the delivery but not a particular customer. While this may discourage you from becoming a DoorDash driver, there’s a way to ensure rude customers are kept in check. 

As a DoorDash driver, if you encounter a rude customer, we advise you to be patient. While engaging in an argument with them seems logical, it might get you into trouble instead.

However, this doesn’t mean you have to continuously put up with rude customers. There are certain things you can do.

Dealing with rude DoorDash customers

The best way to deal with a rude DoorDash customer is to contact Dasher support. This is still applicable after you’ve accepted the order and it’s in progress. Overall, the decision to report the customer comes down to your judgment.

If you feel the customer is tolerable and the rudeness is mild, it’s best to fulfill their order. You can leave negative feedback about the experience without calling out the customer specifically. 

However, if the customer is being unbearable, you can contact support during the delivery. You can tell them you feel threatened or unsafe making the delivery. 

You can also cancel or unassign yourself from an order if you no longer want to fulfill it. Again, DoorDash won’t penalize you for it. Just leave a reason why you decided to cancel the order. 

Can you block a customer on DoorDash?

While this may seem like a dream option for Dashers who are tired of difficult customers, it doesn’t exist. You can’t block a customer for being rude or any other reason. However, customers can block you. 

Though they can’t do this directly on the app, they can contact support to do it for them. So if you are rude to a customer, the customer can report you to the support team. The support team has the authority to restrict or block you from ever making a delivery to that customer.

If they decide not to go to such extreme lengths, they can give you poor ratings. While this doesn’t seem so bad, it can lead to you losing your job.

DoorDash ratings qualify you for special programs where you can earn more. The ratings also determine whether you can make deliveries or not. If your ratings drop below the minimum rating, which is 4.2 stars, DoorDash will deactivate you meaning you can no longer work for the food delivery service.

Key takeaway

  • Do DoorDash drivers rate customers? No, they don’t and they can’t. But customers can rate DoorDash drivers.
  • DoorDash drivers can report uncomfortable experiences with customers. Customers can also report rude DoorDash drivers.
  • DoorDash’s customer support can block specific drivers from fulfilling a particular customer’s order. But DoorDash won’t block customers for the drivers.
  • Customer ratings are crucial for keeping your job. If you have ratings lower than 4.2 stars, DoorDash will deactivate you. This means you’d need to find a new job.


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