Do Aldi Employees Get a Discount?

Getting a job at a grocery store is an interesting experience. Some would say it’s the dream job. For others, it’s a nightmare. But most times, what we look forward to is the perks that come with the job. 

Aldi is one of the most reputable grocery stores worldwide. Working at Aldi can be a great side hustle or full-time job, depending on your preference. But do you get Aldi employee discounts for working there? 

Let’s find out.

Are Aldi employee discounts a thing?

Lots of grocery stores give their employees discount benefits. E.g. Walmart. Unfortunately, Aldi isn’t one of them. The grocery store doesn’t offer discounts for its employees because of its low price margin. This means that Aldi sells its products close to the original price they acquired them. 

Fresh produce aisle at Aldi

In order to make profit, the store has to avoid selling any lower than that. Giving discounts to both employees and customers will affect their profit. While this may sound discouraging, Aldi is still one of the top grocery stores to work in.

Though there are no Aldi employee discounts, the store offers other benefits like vacation pay, paid holidays, and group health insurance. The store also makes up for its no discount policy by paying employees well.

What benefits do you get working at Aldi?

If you decide to get a job at Aldi, here are some of the benefits you stand to enjoy:

  • Health coverage, including medical, dental, vision needs.
  • Retirement savings plan.
  • Paid holidays during New Year’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.
  • Job training.
  • Sales & productivity bonuses (for Store Managers).

Are Aldi employees paid well?

Aldi pays more than the Federal minimum wage in the United States, which is $7.25 per hour. Currently, the store pays an average of $19 per hour to employees at a start. Prior to that, the store was paying $15 per hour.

In a press release, Aldi’s Co-president, Dave Rinaldo, stated that the reason for the increase was that, “As an award-winning employer, we know the importance of investing in our people. Employees come to ALDI for the competitive pay and opportunity to work for a growing national brand. They stay for the career potential and satisfaction they feel knowing their work makes a difference in the communities they serve.”

When you consider the pay, the absence of discounts doesn’t seem like a big deal. Even Walmart, the largest retailer in the world, doesn’t pay up to $15. But the store has plans to increase it to $16.40 per hour soon.

Do Aldi customers get discounts?

Aldi customers can’t get special discounts on items. The prices of the goods are already set too close to the original price. So it’s as good as buying them at a discount price. 

The store also doesn’t accept coupons nor offer loyalty cards and two-for-one deals. But occasionally, it runs sales. So you can knock off a few cents from your purchase. It’s best to keep an eye on the website or ask a store manager for information. 

Sales sign at a grocery store aisle

While you may think these policies are strict, they’re actually fair. See it this way; you don’t need to buy an item you don’t need, simply because it’s on sale or you can get another one for it.

Key takeaway

  • Aldi doesn’t offer employee discounts. However, there are other benefits you can access while working there.
  • Other benefits Aldi offers include; health insurance, job training, paid vacations, and retirement savings plans, among others.
  • Customers are also not entitled to discounts, coupons, loyalty cards or two-for-one deals. But the store runs sales, so you can buy items from slightly cheaper prices.
  • Aldi surpasses the minimum wage of Walmart, and other top grocery stores, making it an ideal choice to work for.

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