Where to find Cream of Tartar in the Grocery Store 

All thanks to Tartaric acid also known as cream of tartar, ice cream wouldn’t taste like ice cream, at least not as we know it. Cream of tartar makes ice cream whiter, thicker, creamy, and delicious. 

Where is the Cream of Tartar in the Grocery Store? 

The first spot you should check is the spice or baking aisle. It’s kept close to baking soda or seasoning blends on a shelf. 

If you can’t find it, ask the staff and they would be happy to point you in the right direction. Below we also curated a list of Grocery Stores that sell cream of Tartar. 

Grocery Stores That Sell Cream of Tartar 

You can find tartaric acid in one of the stores mentioned below. Use the closest option close to you or even better order it online and get it delivered to your doorstep. 


Pure Original Ingredients Cream of Tartar (2 lb) Pure & Natural, Baking & Cleaning, DIY Bath Bombs & More, Eco-Friendly Packaging
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Amazon is a great place to start your search. They have lots of options like the pure cream, Amazon brand of happy cream, and Badia Cream of Tartar. 


Your first stop for the cream of Tartar in Safeway is in the spice aisle. The spice Hunter cream of Tartar is the most popular brand you will find sitting on the shelves. 

Whole Foods 

Passing by a Wholefoods store? Check out the 365 everyday value cream of Tartar. It is usually stored in the Baking section. 


 At any Walmart outlet, there are ample options to choose from, McCormick is the most popular choice. There is also the Frontierial natural products and quality premium cream of Tartar. 


Check the baking section at Kroger. They have a branded Kroger cream, Spice island, and the McCormick. 


Publix has the cream of tartar on its shelf. There are many branded products for purchase. 

King Scoopers / Fry’s 

Cream of Tartar at the King scoopers is found in the spice aisle. The brands available include Spice island cream of Tartar, McCormick Cream of Tartar, and Kroger Cream of Tartar. 

Frequently Asked Questions? 

Substitutes for Cream of Tartar 

Cream of Tartar is originally known as Tartaric acid but changed to the former for marketing reasons. If you are looking for great substitutes then these are some of the options you should buy; 



Distilled vinegar – We have an article about where to find Distilled vinegar

Lemon Juice – We also have an article about Lemon juice you can read here

Baking powder – Here’s where you can find baking powder in a Grocery Store

Recipes to use Cream of Tartar 

Cream of Tartar is deployed a lot of times in making some of these popular treats; 

  • Vegan cookies 
  • Vegan Meringues 
  • French Macaroons 
  • Cream of Tartar biscuits