Where can you find Cornstarch in a Grocery Store? 

My friend Matty told me how he checked almost all the aisles without finding cornstarch. He had to call a worker to help him find it. 

So I told him;

Only if you had check the baking aisle.

But there’s a little problem with what I told him.

What’s it?

The baking aisle is not the only aisle you’d find cornstarch. Most grocery stores alter the layout a bit. So you might find some slight differences depending on the store. 

Aisle you can Find Cornstarch in the Grocery Store

In other stores, you can also find it on a top shelf close to the flour and cornmeal aisle. 

Just know you are not a stone’s throw away from it when you are in the baking section. If you can’t find it be like matty and call a worker to help you get it. 

Cornstarch has many practical uses – from using it to make soups and stew thicker to using it as a stain remover for your clothes. 

Stores that sell Cornstarch

About every store should have cornstarch but if you want to find the most reputable names that sell cornstarch, I’ve listed some below. 

Amazon – One thing I love about Amazon is that it allows you to buy buckets of cornstarch as opposed to buying in small quantities. It saves you a lot of money in the long run. Plus if you don’t feel like taking a trip to the grocery store, then ordering on Amazon would be a great decision. 

Whole Foods – Whole foods is another store you can find cornstarch at a great price. There are a lot of brands from Argo, 365 Everyday value corn starch, and Rumford. 

Publix – They offer a wide range of different corn starch brands. In Publix check the flour and cornmeal section to pick one of their products. Start looking for it from the top shelf down. 

Walmart – They offer corn starch from different brands displayed in the baking section. 

Safeway – The brands you will find here are mostly Argo or the clabber girl, these are good products. 

Alternatives for cornstarch

Corn starch is a household necessity that most people tend to forget off their list. Chances are you will start looking for it when you are in immediate need.

If the store is not close by, you have to make do with some substitutes in your home – potato starch, ground flaxseed, wheat flour, arrowroot, wheat flour are all good substitutes you should consider. 


More often than not you will find cornstarch in the bakery section of most stores. 

Also, check the top shelves, these items are usually kept there. 

If by any chance you didn’t find it in the bakery aisle, be like Matty and call a grocery store worker to help you out. 


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