Where to find Chipotle Peppers in the Grocery Store 

Chipotle peppers are an iconic part of Mexican cuisine. But do you know that Chipotle is a type of Jalapeno pepper that has been dried and smoked. However, chili peppers like the Pasilla and Morita are used to make it. 

Fun history fact;The name chipotle is as old as time; it comes from nahuati, a native language of the Aztecs. So you get smoked pepper with the words Chilli meaning pepper and poctli (smoke) combined.

Which Aisle can you find Chipotle Peppers in Adobo Sauce?

The international section along the Latin food aisle is the ideal place as your first stop considering its origins. You can also find canned/jarred chipotle peppers in the canned vegetable aisle. 

Some chipotle peppers are dipped in adobo sauce to savor barbeque, mayo, and different dishes. 

Some supermarkets also keep chipotle peppers in the produce section. 

Recap – Aisles you should check for Chipotle Peppers 

  • International section (Latin aisle) 
  • Canned Vegetable aisle 
  • Produce section

Where to Buy Chipotle Peppers – (Our Top Choice) 


The question gets asked a lot, and we’ve decided to cover grocery stores you can get it from. 


Amazon is one of the best starting points for looking for grocery items. They have a bit of everything, and they have varieties of chipotle peppers. Some of the most rated products on the store include La Morena, Goya pepper Chiles, San Marcos, McCormick chipotle chili pepper, and much more. In addition, door-to-door delivery is a breeze, thanks to Amazon’s quick delivery. 


If you are near Walmart, they have chipotle peppers on their shelves. In addition, you can shop online as well. Use the online locator on their website to check the availability and price of the chipotle pepper. 


It’s not surprising that there are diverse ranges of Chilli at Kroger. If you have one close by, we recommend checking there. They have their branded Kroger Chipotle Chile Pepper, La costena, and the Tabasco smoked red Jalapenos. Kroger also allows for online delivery of most products in stock. 

Ethnic Food Store 

Ethnic food store has a large variety of multicultural foods and spices. They have many brands of chipotle peppers in store. 

Whole Foods 

Do Whole foods have chipotle pepper? Of course, they do. When it comes to organic foods and products, whole foods are one of the top players in the game. So they have some brands of Chipotle in peppers and pepper sauce. 

Substitutes for Chipotle Peppers in Adobo Sauce 

Looking for substitutes for Chipotle peppers in Adobo sauce? Here are some rich blends of smoked pepper and sauce; 

  • Smoked Paprika 
  • Smoked Paprika + Tomato 
  • Dried Chipotle Powder / Whole peppers 
  • Dried Chipotle Powdered or Whole Peppers and Tomato 


The chipotle pepper is a staple Mexican spice that Americans enjoy in barbeques, and they’ve been incorporated into many dishes. However, Chipotle in adobo sauce is the truth for spice lovers who taste smoked Tomato to make flavor-packed dishes. 

It’s loved by the Mexicans so much that 20% of Jalapeno produced are smoked and dried into what you know chipotle pepper. So if you love your dish spicy, you will love chipotle and a dip of adobo sauce. 

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