Where to Find Dandelion Greens in the Grocery Store?

Where to find dandelion greens

You are most likely not one of those that see dandelions as a nettlesome weed that keeps growing in the garden.  By the way, it is loaded with nutritional benefits. The dandelion leaves called dandelion greens are used in many recipes too. If you have already discovered the secrets about dandelion greens, then asking’ where … Read more

Where to Find Pine Nuts in the Grocery Store?

where to find pine nuts in the grocery store

Every grocery store has its unique arrangement. It can be complicated at times, especially when it is not your regular store or you don’t know the category of the item you need. Pine nuts, however, are a little versatile. So you cannot particularly find it only in one aisle. It is a pity if you … Read more

Where to Find Wax Paper in a Grocery Store

where to find wax paper in the grocery store

It’s a food-safe tissue paper that has been coated with layers of paraffin wax. It comes in a roll for chores like wrapping up cheese to store in a refrigerator. Aside that, Wax paper can be used for many things, including decorating a cake, storing food, dough rolling, and much more.  Although wax paper is … Read more

Where to Find Garbage Bags in a Grocery Store

Some call it Garbage bag, bin bag, bin liner or trash. One thing i’m sure is you don’t want to referred to as any. Garbage bags are convenient and sanitary way to handle garbage. It’s often used as a lining for bins or waste containers. If you are wondering where to find garbage bags in … Read more

Where to Find Rhubarb in the Grocery Store

Where to find rhubarb in the grocery store

Rhubarb is a thick, reddish, and green leaf stalk that is edible. So you can cook and eat it at home. People often add Rhubarb as an ingredient in making pies. You can also use it in making apple crumbles, jams, and sauces. If you’re wondering where to find Rhubarb in grocery store, this guide … Read more

Where can you find Cornstarch in a Grocery Store? 

where to find starch in a grocerystore

My friend Matty told me how he checked almost all the aisles without finding cornstarch. He had to call a worker to help him find it.  So I told him; Only if you had check the baking aisle. But there’s a little problem with what I told him. What’s it? The baking aisle is not … Read more

Where to find Coconut water in a Grocery Store 

Where to find Coconut water in a Grocery Store

Simple answer: you can find coconut water in a beverage aisle. But that’s not always the case because some stores change the placement of items. You can also find coconut water in refrigerators and the international aisle.  In some stores, it’s highly likely you won’t find in those areas. In that case, check the health … Read more

Where to find Rooibos Tea in a Grocery Store

rooibos tea in the grocery store

Over the years, the rate of tea consumption among Americans has increased, thanks to the emergence of Starbucks. With the addition of Rooibos tea to the collection, the numbers are sure to spike up. Rooibos, pronounced Roy-boss, is a red herbal tea. It is also an alternative to green or black tea. Some people drink … Read more

Where to Find Honey in a Grocery Store

where to find honey in a grocery store

Walking around the different sections of a grocery store while looking for a single product can be an unpleasant experience. If you are not the type to ask questions and directions from the employees, then this post is for you. If you would rather find honey yourself, keep reading. Where can I find honey in … Read more