Where to buy cheesecloth of the best grades near you

White cheesecloth wrapped around the rim of a glass mug header image

Cheesecloth is a lightweight material usually made out of cotton and has tiny holes. You can use it to drain and separate curds (lumps of milkfat) from whey (yellow-ish liquid) in the process of making cheese. Curds are what eventually turn into cheese after you continuously press and drain them of whey. Cheesecloths are normally … Read more

Where to find turmeric roots in the grocery store

Person holding net bag containing turmeric roots

Turmeric roots are the raw versions of the spice you know as turmeric powder. Ground turmeric is popularly used as colorant in curries. It’s what gives them their vibrant yellow color. Some people use turmeric powder as a form of dye, and it’s a potent ingredient in medicine. It helps to reduce internal inflammation and … Read more

Where to Find Aluminum Foil in a Grocery Store

where to find Aluminum foil in the grocery store

Aluminum foil is typically sold as thin metal leaves and measure less than 0.2mm. It’s used for storing food, either warm or cold. Additionally, It allows to keep your food warm for longer periods and serve as wraps to store food. Now that you know these facts about aluminum foil, the big question is which … Read more

Where to Find Juice Concentrate in the Grocery Store?

where to find juice concentrate

Do you want to make your juice or beef up the flavor of your drinks or pastries? Yes, Juice concentrate is an ideal match for your needs. Whatever you want juice concentrate for, we will show you the exact aisles you will find in this post. We have also made a list of stores where … Read more

Where to Find Fish Sticks in the Grocery Store?

where to find fish sticks in the grocery store

You do not have to overthink where to find fish sticks in the grocery store near you. We have also made a list of stores that sell it. Fish sticks or fish fingers (as the British call it) is a crunchy appetizer that many people enjoy. It is made using processed white fish like pollock, … Read more

Where to Find Grape Leaves in the Grocery Store?

Where to find grape leaves in the Grocery Store

Grape leaves might not be enough to make you wander the entire grocery store. You need to know the right aisles to check. That’s what we will show you in this post. These leaves grown by grapevine plants are used in several cultural cuisines. They have a tangy taste, not too different from collard greens. … Read more

Where to Find Pumpkin Puree in Grocery Store?

Where to find Pumpkin puree in the grocery store

You don’t have to walk the entire grocery store searching for one item, not even for pumpkin puree; what others could call canned pumpkin. We’ll show you the aisles to check, as well as the different stores that carry it. Pumpkin puree is made by blending or mashing cooked pumpkin into a smooth pulp in … Read more

Where to Find Dandelion Greens in the Grocery Store?

Where to find dandelion greens

You are most likely not one of those that see dandelions as a nettlesome weed that keeps growing in the garden.  By the way, it is loaded with nutritional benefits. The dandelion leaves called dandelion greens are used in many recipes too. If you have already discovered the secrets about dandelion greens, then asking’ where … Read more

Where to Find Pine Nuts in the Grocery Store?

where to find pine nuts in the grocery store

Every grocery store has its unique arrangement. It can be complicated at times, especially when it is not your regular store or you don’t know the category of the item you need. Pine nuts, however, are a little versatile. So you cannot particularly find it only in one aisle. It is a pity if you … Read more